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A New Breath To Hand Compactor Market from Ammann

The Ammann hand compactors series products offer solutions for the special compaction applications especially needed by road and asphalt contractors and municipalities in projects such as road, pavement, bicycle and running track, electricity, natural gas and pipeline, infrastructure, park, garden and landscaping.

Hand compactors are manufactured in the light equipment product group factory of Ammann, the world’s leading road and asphalt roller manufacturer, in Germany and they are preferred in infrastructure and landscaping projects of municipalities, canal soil compaction, pavement and pedestrian paths, park and garden arrangements, bicycle path, manhole cover, overpass and underpass floors, sports complexes, playgrounds, etc. Produced with high quality standards, Ammann hand compactors grab attention with their special solutions offered to their users thanks to many patented technologies.

Ammann hand compactors, which are the perfect complement to the heavy machinery groups used in construction sites, significantly reduce the costs with the advantages they provide. Although light equipment product groups, which have achieved significant sales in the European construction equipment market, have not yet reached the desired levels in our country, it is observed that there is an increasing demand for these product groups in the market.

Solution to All Needs Under One Roof

Ammann hand compactors presented to Turkey market by TSM GLOBAL, draws attention with its excellent solutions for different needs

ACR (Ammann Compaction Rammer) series, thanks to its 68-pound weight and design, can quickly and smoothly compress even the smallest areas where it is impossible to enter with large machines. This compact machine, which makes 11 strokes per second, has a very comfortable use thanks to the special machine dynamics protected by Ammann patent and combines compact solutions that every construction site needs.

APF (Ammann Plate Forward) series, using Ammann knowledge and experience, it offers solutions that differ from its competitors with small details that are not visible at first glance, beyond customer demands. Thanks to its smart design, it can make asphalt patching, paving stone laying or stable soil compaction with the help of optional equipment. Designed by subjecting to very long endurance tests like other compactor series machines thanks to high Ammann quality standards, the APF series was designed in a way that it will not let its user down in every climate and ground conditions of the world. APF series compactors, which have been working smoothly with low operating costs for many years, also offer the opportunity to pay off the investment much faster with the diesel engine option.

At the Top of European Market

The APR (Ammann Plate Reversible) series machines, which are at the top of the European market of Ammann, are machines that can move back and forth and can be used in many different areas together with the options offered thanks to the smart design concept. Thanks to the wheel system that has been redesigned in the past years, APR series machines with a weight of 120-400 kg can be moved very easily on the field.

The APH (Ammann Plate Hydraulic) series machines, which are well ahead in the world market, are another product group that Ammann differentiates from its competitors. In this group, where Ammann engineering and quality draw attention, the machines operate at lower frequencies than their competitors and are indispensable on heavy floors, as well as keeping service costs at a low level by using a fully hydraulic system very efficiently. APH series machines with almost zero wear parts offer dynamic features that no competitor can provide thanks to the “3-shaft vibration mechanism” protected by Ammann patent. The APH 6530 model, which has been the market leader in its segment for many years and produces a serious impact of 6.5 tons at 55 Hz frequency, provides the desired solution in construction sites by making perfect compression even in the most difficult conditions.

ARW (Ammann Roller Walk-Behind) series machines are Ammann rollers that can be operated manually.. This unique design, which combines Ammann engineering and quality with hydraulic knowledge, is among the most preferred products of Ammann with its fully hydraulic, hydrostatic design and smart structure that prioritizes worker safety. The polyurethane water tank with a capacity of 65 l and the center vibration pioneered by Ammann in this product group and two different gears (1.3 ton and 1.8 ton impact power options) enable you to achieve excellent results in asphalt and ground compaction projects effectively.

Compacting Attachments Grab Attention

The attachment group developed by Ammann is also the remarkable products in the light eqipment group. ACA (Ammann Compaction Attachment) series attachments are an important product group for Ammann to be a pioneer and demonstrate its experience in R & D and business development in soil compaction.

Designed as an excavator tip apparatus in the market and in perfect harmony with Ammann’s hydraulic knowledge and knowledge on soil compaction, the ACA series is highly appreciated by an increasing demand in the world market, especially in the European market.

These products, which are not widely used in our country, are attached to the end of the excavator by removing the bucket part and can work easily in all areas accessible by the excavator with the help of the bucket hydraulic power and lever. Thanks to its smart designs protected by Ammann patents, it provides maximum compression without any damage to the excavator hydraulic system. With the ACA series attachments, which can provide 360 degrees of uninterrupted rotation with a hydro rotation motor, can be controlled from the cabin, and offer different punching power in a machine, surfaces that require different compression such as inclined areas, canal interiors, side surfaces can be easily compressed.

Ammann hand compactors offered to the market by TSM GLOBAL are among the most preferred products in the market, especially with their advantages such as service and maintenance convenience and long operating life.

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