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Battery Forklift Series By Hyster is Raising the Standards:Xnt

Hyster, the world’s leading full-line forklift manufacturer, continues to set the standards with its new XNT series 3-wheel forklifts.

Increasing demand for battery-powered forklift models in our country, as in the whole world, combined with R & D studies from the past to the present, created Hyster’s new product range. Hyster J1.6-J2.0 XNT series battery powered forklifts, which stand out with their high maneuverability and duty cycle speed, especially in tight spaces, aim to overturn the balances in the 3-wheel forklift class.

The companies whose working conditions are suitable for the use of battery powered forklifts have to consider the performance in this area while shifting their investment preferences to battery powered forklifts, especially due to low operating costs. From this point of view, Hyster, which produces high performance products, presented its XNT series to its customers.

Hyster XNT series 3-wheel forklifts, which provide superiority to their competitors in terms of low maintenance cost, high performance values compared to their competitors, and standard equipment, set the standards again.

The Design Suitable For Difficult Working Conditions

XNT series Hyster battery powered forklifts, which have the highest value in its segment with its IP 65 protection class, offer its users comfortable and safe working opportunity in challenging outdoor areas as well as indoors. The XNT series, which grabs attention to many features such as smart energy utilization system, battery feedback system, automatic parking brake system and ramp climbing capacity, has gained great appreciation in the battery-powered forklift market, especially in sectors with intense operation pace.

The XNT series, which is the only machine in its segment that can operate in the 3-meter corridor range, also significantly outperformed its competitors with the minimum tonnage loss at the maximum height. Thanks to its comprehensive special display screen, it provides access to users for all kinds of performance settings without the need for service.

Hyster XNT series three-wheel forklifts, which have ergonomic design and many advantages compared to their competitors, are the first choice of the operators, especially in the sectors that serve in intensive operations.

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