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Gonen Leather Industry Grows With SUMITOMO

Usta Hafriyat, one of the well-established companies of the region working in the factory investments carried out in Balıkesir Gonen Deri OIZ, continues to expand its machinery park with Sumitomo excavators.

Gönen District of Balıkesir, which has Turkey’s important agriculture and agro-industrial infrastructure, draws attention with its ongoing infrastructure and factory investments. Usta Hafriyat, which is one of the well-established companies of the region and has been operating in Balıkesir and the surrounding provinces for years, expanded its machinery park in parallel with these investments. Hakan Yılmaz, one of the second generation managers of Usta Hafriyat, which has enlarged its fleet with the newly purchased Sumitomo SH350LC-6, underlined that service quality is their priority in machine selection. Noting that the disciplined and quality service understanding they have been maintaining for years as Usta Hafriyat is their biggest advantage, Yılmaz said, “We reinforce this advantage with the new and powerful machines we have added to our fleet.”

Referring to the factory foundation excavation project in Gönen Deri OIZ, which is one of the projects they are continuing, Yılmaz said, “Our company has completed the infrastructure works of most of the factory investments in Gönen Deri OIZ. Currently Seljel Gelatin Sanayi ve Tic. We are continuing an excavation work of 120.000 m3 in the factory project of A.Ş. We are working with a breaker on a very hard, rocky ground. We do dismantling and breaking on hard ground. The difficulties brought by this ground are almost the same as the other projects we have completed in the region. However, thanks to our experience and our strong machine park, there is no problem for us.” Expressing their satisfaction with the Sumitomo excavators in their existing machinery parks, Hakan Yılmaz said that this satisfaction brings with it the purchase of new machinery. Yılmaz said, “We were very pleased with the first Sumitomo excavator we bought. Thereupon, we renewed our existing machine park with Sumitomo excavators. Afterwards, we enlarged our fleet even more with the new machines we bought. We are still serving as one of the important infrastructure companies of the region with 6 excavators, 3 backhoe loaders and 9 trucks.”

Hakan Yilmaz; “Low Fuel, High Performance”
Stating that they especially look at the fuel consumption and efficiency criteria in the selection of the machine, Yılmaz said, “It is of great importance for us that the fuel consumption of the machine is low. In addition, it should satisfy us with its power, speed, operating costs and after-sales services. At this point, we were very satisfied with Sumitomo. We were pleased with the low fuel consumption of the machines, their high performance even in the most demanding areas, and their after-sales services. Sumitomo excavators have low fuel consumption and high performance.

“After Sales Is Very Important For Us”
Underlining that their satisfaction with the performance of the machines is reinforced by the quality of service they receive after the sale, Hakan Yılmaz emphasized that this is one of the most important criteria in choosing Sumitomo. Yılmaz said, “I must say that one of the most important reasons for us to prefer the Sumitomo brand is the quality of service we have received after sales. There has never been a situation like selling the machine and not calling again or not answering our phones when we need service. Sumitomo and TSM Global family have always been by our side and supporting us. They stood behind the machine and supported our workflow by intervening quickly when needed. These were the important points in our machine choice.”

Sinan Kır (6 Years Operator); “We Are Surprised By Fuel Consumption”
“We are very pleased with the new addition to the fleet, the Sumitomo SH350LC-6. Everything is very good in terms of the machine’s breakout, power, strength, comfort. Its strength in dismantling is quite good. You can work comfortably on stone or hard ground. It is a serial machine in which it is compared with other machines of this tonnage. We were very surprised at the fuel consumption of the machine. Extremely economical machine. It burns very little compared to the machines of the same tonnage”

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