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High Wear Resistance and Performance with MTG Teeth

MTG, the world’s leading manufacturer of nail and bucket wear parts, continues to be the choice of difficult construction sites from mining to construction.
MTG nails and bucket wear parts, over 65 years of experience, special alloy casting products developed, patented designs that provide great advantages to the user, and a wide product line that offers solutions to different needs, Spain-based MTG nails became the first preferred nail brand in construction sites in Turkey. MTG nails, which are preferred in many different business lines from quarries to construction sites, from coal mines to infrastructure projects, increase efficiency and profitability in construction sites with their highly durable special alloy, long-lasting structure, special form that does not compromise on performance, and wear pattern.

Patented Design 65 Years of Experience
MTG nails, based in Spain, have more than 400 distributors in more than 60 countries in the world with its patented design nails and 65 years of production experience. Such widespread use means that MTG nails are used in many different countries of the world, in many different business lines and on very different floors. Of course, this means finding solutions to very different needs. At this point, MTG engineers increase their product quality by making continuous improvement and development in line with years of experience and developing and changing customer demands. With the patented sledgehammer-free locking systems that MTG has developed since 2005, it prevents operational breakage by minimizing nail loss and provides maximum safe working conditions.

MTG nails are manufactured using the highest quality steel to resist wear. Thanks to the design of the raw materials and products that make up MTG products, the working life of nails, adapters and protectors is extended, and the total cost of products is significantly reduced.

Mining and Construction Solutions Together
The products developed by MTG for the mining and construction industry offer solutions for different needs with the same quality and reliability. Developed for many different types of machinery, from 500-ton electric excavators to loaders, MTG nails are produced on the basis of advanced engineering, materials science and design. While MTG claw and adapter systems work with high performance on variable difficult floors, the wear life of claw and adapter systems is also long. With this feature, it contributes to the maximum efficiency of the machine.

MTG Starmet series are claw and adapter systems with a locking system without a sledgehammer, providing maximum protection for excavator and loader buckets. MTG Starmet series, which is used in different business lines from construction to mining, from infrastructure projects to superstructure, has a wide product selection with different features such as pointed and wide-ended.

MTG Promet series are products developed as protective systems with a locking system without a sledgehammer, used to protect the blades and side wings of buckets.

MTG Plus series These are systems consisting of nail and bucket protectors, compatible with the most common get systems on the market.

Mustafa Topuz, “Both Unbreakable and Long Lasting”
Topuzlar Excavation Director Mustafa Topuz, the second generation manager of family companies based in Istanbul with a long history, underlined that the Tema Istanbul 2 project is a very big project, and talked about the difficulties of the ground. Pointing out that they are working on a wide field 24/7, Topuz said, “The ground is very hard. We tried many quotes. We did not get performance efficiency. Nails that were broken in 10-15 days became nails that ended. We went into a search because we had nail problems. This led us to MTG,” he said. Stating that they tried MTG nails with the newly added Sumitomo excavators to their fleet and they were very satisfied, Mustafa Topuz noted that they switched to MTG nails in all their machines. “We got very good results from MTG. We started with one machine and converted all our machines to MTG. It has great dismantling ability and strength. We were very pleased that it did not break and lose its sharpness. It disassembles great. Most importantly, it reduced our fuel consumption. It does not break and does not end quickly, and besides, it does not clump or dull. It always ends sharp. This reduces our fuel and increases our performance.” Mustafa Topuz, who also compares the efficiency and cost obtained from nails, said, “Long life and efficient nails. When we think about this in the long term, the nails increase the purchasing costs of the nails. Because it reduces your fuel consumption and now the fuel is very expensive”.

Naci Aksakal, “We Lightened Our Job 20% With MTG Nails”
Naci Aksakal, one of the managers of Hak Hafriyat, who has been operating for more than 40 years, pointed out the importance of the project they are carrying out and underlined that they have completed many similar projects that are leading in Turkey. Naci Aksakal, who stated that the Tema Istanbul 2 project is struggling with a difficult ground, noted that they have been using MTG nails for many years. “We met with MTG nails in 2013. After seeing the performance of this nail, I did not use a single aftermarket or alternative nail. Naci Aksakal said, “Because the advantages of MTG nails were so many” and emphasized the effect of MTG nails on fuel. Noting that MTG nails are more expensive than many other brands under the stairs, Naci Aksakal underlined that this price difference is amortized in a very short time. Naci Aksakal said, “As the average fuel consumption of the machine, it returns you the money of the nail in 1-2 months, with only fuel savings. If you use sub-industry nails, you cannot wear a set of MTG while spending 3-4 sets of after-industry nails. It is unbreakable and non-corrosive. So it always gives confidence to the employee. It reduces the fuel consumption of the machine and it is of serious benefit to you.” Naci Aksakal stated that the claw prolongs the life of the machine, prevents arm and boom cracks, and damages that may occur in the construction, and noted that the claws, which wear out over time, lose their penetrating property and adversely affect the life of the machine. Naci Aksakal stated that the nail preference of all the machines in the machine park is MTG, and underlined that the fact that the MTG nails have side pins provides a great advantage in terms of operation. Aksakal said, “It is easy for the operator to remove and set the nails. It has its own pin. It takes at most half an hour for an operator to remove and install 5 claws. This means that you save time.”

They Increase Efficiency in Coal Mine with MTG
MTG nails are also used in the high-capacity electric excavators used by Çelikler Holding, which carries out the mine field operation of the Orhaneli Thermal Power Plant. Çelikler Holding Orhaneli Plant Machinery Supply Manager Sadi İnal touched upon the difficulties of the mining business and pointed out that production should be carried out efficiently despite these difficulties. Stating that the business in Orhaneli is an open field coal mine, Sadi İnal underlined that the most important criterion in production is the cost per ton, and emphasized the importance of nails in the high efficiency of the machines. Sadi İnal said, “In addition to having a good machine park, it is also important that this park is operated correctly. Here, together with all our teammates, we produce solutions to produce with high efficiency. We can say that MTG nails are an important partner to this solution. MTG nails are the right choice for us, with high abrasion resistance, keeping their form and thus not losing their immersion, robust and durable.”

Çelikler Holding Orhaneli Enterprises Machinery Supply Manager Mustafa Gürler stated that they work with very high capacity machines and they have to produce with high efficiency on a difficult ground and pointed to the right equipment selection. Mustafa Gürler, who underlined that the buckets of close to 30 m3 of high capacity electric excavators currently used in the coal field should have high abrasion resistance and diving properties, said, “MTG nails provide great advantages with their high abrasion resistance and special design that preserves their form. We are working on a difficult ground and production has to continue non-stop on this ground. In this sense, it is possible to work with MTG nails with high efficiency without stopping. It exhibits durability for much longer hours compared to its competitors and ensures that production continues without interruption.”

Alparslan Kayhan “MTG Nails Long Lasting and Robust”
Alevtaş Madencilik San. ve Tic. Inc. Construction Supervisor Alparslan Kayhan stated that they operate in a very wide mining area and stated that producing with the highest possible and sustainable yield is an important criterion for them. Alparslan Kayhan, who stated that the excavators had a great role in making the production with high efficiency, underlined that the nails greatly affect the efficiency of the excavator. Alparslan Kayhan said, “We prefer MTG nails in all the machines we are currently using. We are very pleased with the advantages of MTG nails in terms of both excavation, removal and loading. MTG nails, which seem to have a high investment cost, actually become much more advantageous when the factors such as long durability, high efficiency operation and ease of use are taken into account, when the criteria we call “real purchasing cost” are considered. Alparslan Kayhan pointed out that the ground they loosened by blasting is actually a difficult field, and noted that especially the high amount of silica is the cause of wear and that MTG nails work with high efficiency in such a difficult field. Saying that they tried nails in different brands and models, Alparslan Kayhan said, “Unfortunately, although many companies came and tried, they could not give the result we wanted. They could not offer advantages in efficient, long-lasting and cost-benefit analysis. MTG, on the other hand, gave us great advantages in this respect. Both our fuel costs and our maintenance costs have decreased, besides making a positive contribution to production, it has enabled the whole team in the field to focus on production with confidence.

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