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HYSTER A Series Design Awarded

Hyster, the world’s leading forklift brand, crowned its success by receiving a design award with its new A series forklifts.

The new Hyster® A Series forklifts won the Ergonomics category award at the “The Archies Awards for Excellence 2022” by the UK Material Handling Association (UKMHA).

At the presentation ceremony held in Birmingham, England on 15 October 2022, Hyster’s new H2.0-3.5A forklift model was awarded by UKMHA for “putting the operator first”. While the Hyster A Series forklifts draw attention with their design defined as ‘Hyster is made for you’, they also have the features that optimize ergonomics and operator comfort, as well as the Hyster durability and high performance that customers expect.

Each A-Series forklift can be customer-specific using A+ Logic, a fully integrated set of scalable and configurable features that allow users to fine-tune the forklift to their specific application needs. In addition, forklifts with a lifting capacity of up to 3.5 tons provide outstanding visibility with up to 33% improved mast visibility compared to their competitors.

Operator-Thinking Design
Launched in May 2022, the step design of the H2.0-3.5A Hyster A Series forklifts is 65% larger than the competitors, and this feature allows the operator to get on and off safely and quickly. In addition, the contoured hood and folding armrest make it easy for operators to repeatedly enter and exit the cabin during busy shifts. In addition to the large floor area, the spacious work area with wide head and shoulder openings provides operators with more freedom of movement in the cabin.

The operator seat in the Hyster A Series models has up to 25% more adjustable features compared to its competitors. This seat design, which reduces the bending and strain on the operator’s back with its special design, further increases the comfort of the operator thanks to details such as the foot-activated and hand-released parking light.

“With the Hyster A Series, we offer durable forklifts that are tailored to the operator’s needs and the intended application,” said Robert O’Donoghue, Hyster EMEA Vice President of Marketing and Solutions, who received the award on the night with Phil Mean, Product Strategy Manager for Hyster Europe. “It’s great that this new approach is recognized by UKMHA and that we’re taking home a prestigious Archie award, standing out among our valued competitors,” said Robert O’Donoghue.

Named so because of the Archimedean statuette awarded to the winners, the Archies Awards are handed down by jury each year to companies, teams, and individuals who do much to innovate, raise standards, and help operators work more effectively and safely.

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