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HYSTER Electric Forklift Solutions Make a Difference

Hyster, the world’s leading forklift, port equipment and stacker brand, offers a unique experience with its electric forklift models in its wide product line ranging from 1 ton to 52 tons.

Hyster, which is preferred all over the world from America to Asia, from Africa to Europe, and whose sales and after-sales services in Turkey are carried out by TSM Global, makes a difference with the electric forklift models it has developed and the advantages it offers. Hyster electric forklifts offer solutions to the needs of businesses with a wide product range, with their incredibly robust and strong structure and perfect design.

Hyster electric forklifts, which have a more efficient, more durable and stable design in addition to the zero turn design, which provides this great advantage, are also distinguished from their competitors with their long maintenance intervals. Hyster electric forklifts, which bring minimum operating costs with 1,000-hour periodic maintenance intervals and Full AC equipment, also pave the way for businesses to have an electric forklift fleet by making small additions to their existing infrastructure without making extra large investments.

hyster akülü forklift

High Standards, High Efficiency
While Hyster electric forklifts draw attention with their design and structural advantages, they also make a name for themselves by standardizing the optional features offered by many brands.

High energy-saving and highly efficient Hyster electric forklifts allow you to work much more powerfully and more efficiently thanks to their independent double travel motors. While these specially positioned engines are protected from the effects of the environment, they allow you to work at full capacity throughout the entire shift. Hyster’s feature that increases this production speed and provides the power that businesses need is combined with safe use thanks to its balance center design that provides rotation safety and automatic parking brake system.

Reinforcing these high standards with the rear axle suspension system, which attracts attention with its incredible performance in difficult working conditions, Hyster electric forklifts increase your working speed and tempo with its practical side battery change system.

Hyster electric forklifts, where operator comfort and safety are at the highest level, take this feature to a higher level with the robust and long-lasting, user-friendly ergonomic mini lever system preferred all over the world. Aiming at high efficiency with safe and comfortable use during long working hours, Hyster sets itself apart from its competitors with its specially designed adjustable seat and steering wheel, comfortable operator platform and cabin, wide legroom, mast design and control panel offering excellent visibility, and maximized safety equipment.

Designed for 24/7 production, Hyster electric forklifts continue to be the choice of businesses with their technologies developed to work in long shifts to ensure that production never stops and to work efficiently. Hyster combines this product quality with the strong and widespread service it provides, and provides after-sales services with its expert team when needed.

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