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Hyster Warehouse Training Held in Italy

The sales training program organized in Italy regarding the new models participating in the Hyster warehouse product group and the existing product range has been completed. TSM GLOBAL Hyster sales and marketing team who participated in the training, qualified to receive a “training certificate” after the 4-day program.

In the training program held between 12-16 July at the warehouse factory in Masate, Italy, the training of Hyster’s new R1.4 reach truck and new P1.6 and P2.0 battery powered pallet trucks as well as other in-warehouse models were given. Within the scope of the training program, many topics took place such as the advantages of Hyster warehouse models to users compared to competitors, such as high battery efficiency and technology, unique mast design and excellent visibility, cabin comfort and safety that offer great advantages to operators, control panels equipped with advanced technology, robust chassis and easy-to-use design. In the training program, in-warehouse training drives were also made with warehouse products in different models.

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