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Increase Production with Yanmar Mini Excavators and Loaders

Yanmar, the world’s leading Japanese mini excavator, mini wheel loader and mini dumper brand, increases efficiency in agriculture and livestock with its new product group.

Working with high efficiency even in the most difficult agricultural areas with its powerful engine, Yanmar mini excavators, mini loaders and mini dumpers offer solutions to a wide range of needs in agriculture and animal husbandry, from greenhouses to fields, from orchards to irrigation infrastructure, from livestock farms to ornamental plant production. Yanmar mini excavators, which reduce fuel consumption with their new generation powerful engine, reduce fuel costs and also reduce maintenance costs thanks to long maintenance intervals.

Wide Mini Excavator Option

In Yanmar’s mini excavator product group, the V15VT, SV17VT, VIO17, SV19VT models, which are under 2 tons, as well as the SV22, SV26, VIO27-6 models with a cabin above two tons, are widely used in the agriculture, greenhouse and landscaping sectors. Yanmar has a mini excavator product group with VIO33-6, VIO38-6, VIO50-6B, VIO57-6B, which are models over 3 tons with cabins, and SV60-B, VIO80-1, VIO82, SV100-2, SV120 in the midi excavator product group. has models. B75W, B95W and B110W, which are also wheeled mini excavator product groups, are among the models offered by Yanmar.

Yanmar’s mini excavators take the standards one step further, especially in operator comfort and safety, while increasing the profitability of the agricultural sector with low operating costs. The comfortable cabin offering a wide viewing angle allows the operator easy access to all controls and commands, while daily maintenance and checks of the machine can be carried out very easily. With models with collapsible chassis, it is possible to work in wide working areas as well as in narrow areas such as banana greenhouses and hazelnut gardens without damaging trees. While it is much easier to work under low branches with canopy models, cabin-locked models increase the standards of operator comfort in high temperatures.

Mini Excavator Options

Rubber wheeled mini loaders in Yanmar’s product group are the right choice for jobs requiring high speed and performance in narrow areas, especially in the agricultural sector. Yanmar’s V80, V100 and V120 models can provide services in many areas, especially soil and fertilizer transportation needed in the field, from straw bale or silage transportation with the fork attachment to be installed, to pipe transportation and installation needed for irrigation infrastructure.

Yanmar mini wheel loaders, which allow the operator to work all day long with their spacious and comfortable cabin, increase efficiency in production with their speed and capacity. Yanmar wheel loaders, which ensure work safety in agricultural areas with their wide viewing angle, also increase working performance with their balanced structure.

Carrying Loads is Very Easy with Mini Dumpers

Tracked mini dumpers, which are included in Yanmar’s product group and have the feature of unloading loads on three sides, provide incredible benefits, especially in fields and livestock farms. Yanmar’s C12R-B, C30R-3, C30R-3TV and C50R-5A models, crawler mini dumpers with a carrying capacity of 1 to 5 tons, can easily move on difficult ground and show high performance even on sloping areas. Yanmar mini dumpers, which have many functions from soil transportation to seed transportation, fertilizer discharge to material transportation, offer the opportunity to work safely with their balanced structure. Drawing attention with its design that prioritizes operator comfort and safety, Yanmar mini dumpers support sustainable production with low fuel consumption and operating costs.

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