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Solutions from HYSTER to the Challenging Conditions of the Construction Industry

In the construction materials sector; materials handled are brick, block, aggregate or concrete etc. Difficult outdoor conditions with high dust and dirt levels are inevitable. Therefore, unless the machinery used in the operations is properly maintained, it can affect the operating times of forklifts as well as reducing the comfort level of the operator.

For example, forklift filters can quickly become clogged by dirt, which can cause cooling problems. The extra maintenance required and downtime not only increase the total operating cost, but also affect the efficiency of the operation.

To overcome this, TSM Global Heavy Duty Forklifts Sales Manager Umut AVŞAR summarizes the solutions offered by Hyster as follows:
“Hyster 8-16XM large-tonnage forklifts are offered with optional reverse fan operation and dust cleaning feature, as well as cooling systems that can adjust fan speed according to temperature, in order to operate efficiently in extremely dusty environments. The 8-16 tonne capacity forklifts also feature a high-mounted air intake system, heavy-duty pre-cleaner and special ventilation systems to provide additional protection in harsh, dusty and dirty conditions.

To help prevent additional damage and wear to forklift components, Hyster forklifts also feature automatic lubrication to help remove dust and dirt from critical wear points. In addition, the ventilated hoods and the main body designed to prevent the entry of dirt and debris under the forklift support tough construction materials handling operations.

By preventing the effects of dust and dirt on forklift components, Hyster ensures less downtime during operations and reduced maintenance costs. In fact, some tests by Hyster have shown that, during some similar applications, there is a 30% reduction in overall fleet operating costs as well as an improvement in efficiency.

In addition to all these, AVŞAR states that operators play an important role in contributing to operational efficiency in general, and emphasizes that it is important for Hyster to provide a comfortable working environment that protects them from harsh conditions:

“High dust levels should cause the employer to be concerned about operator comfort. If there is a large amount of dust entering the cabin, such operations can be subject to fines by the authorities, as this poses a risk to the operator.”

To improve the operator environment, Hyster H8-16XM forklifts are equipped with a closed pressurized cabin option. The high comfort cabin is lined with a separate air filtration system to reduce dust inside, and air conditioning can also be added to the configuration for operations with high ambient temperatures. Vinyl seats, on the other hand, help prevent dust from accumulating in the cabin, compared to cloth seats.

The Hyster H8-16XM series has also been redesigned with a new mast and lift structure to give operators excellent visibility. With the added strength and rigidity that comes with the innovative mast structure, operators will be able to see the difference in their work environment.”

Umut AVŞAR concluded his words as follows: “Hyster forklifts, which offer solutions that fight dust and dirt while providing comfort to the operators, are suitable for operations throughout the entire construction supply chain. However, we work closely with customers to achieve maximum efficiency, uptime and low cost, and to offer 360-degree solutions to meet the different demands of each application.”

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