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SUMITOMO Difference in Brand Projects

Working at Tema Istanbul 2 construction site, Sumitomo excavators stand out from their competitors with their production capacity, fuel efficiency and after-sales service quality.

The Tema Istanbul 2 project, which is under construction in Atakent by Artaş İnşaat A.Ş., one of the leading real estate investment companies of Turkey, in partnership with Mesa and Kantur-Akdaş, includes the construction of 2,280 residences spread over an area of approximately 1.5 million square meters. covers. With the excavation works started in November 2021, approximately 2.5 million m3 of excavation was excavated at the project site. Approximately 70 excavators of different tonnages are used for excavation and dismantling works in the project, which continues on a very difficult ground and in a location where the city traffic load is heavy. The brand preferred by most of the companies working on the project is Sumitomo.

Providing information about the project, Tema İstanbul 2 Site Chief Mahmut Gökay Tekin mentioned the difficulty of their work on a large construction site and pointed out the importance of machine selection. Providing information about the project, Tekin said, “Our project started in November 2021. It’s been about 11 months. We have about 70 excavators working in this field. During this period, an excavation of up to 2.5 million m3 was sent.”

Sumitomo for Trouble-Free Production
Pointing out that many simultaneous works are carried out at a high speed on a difficult construction site, Mahmut Gökay Tekin said that they were looking for a problem-free machine when choosing the machinery park they will use as Artaş İnşaat during the project process. “When we started this project, we started so that we could buy a new machine so that we wouldn’t have any trouble. Our choice was Sumitomo. The reason we prefer Sumitomo is that it is trouble-free. Reaching the service network whenever we want. Talking about fuel and operator comfort at the same time, Tekin stated that the difficulty of the excavation work also had an effect on the selection of the machine. Tekin said, “Our floor is limestone. We are having a lot of trouble because of this ground. However, we are very satisfied with our machines. We work with quality machines and good operators. We have sent 2.5 million m3 of excavation, we have not had any problems until now. That was our aim,” he said.

Pointing to the importance of after-sales services, Mahmut Gökay Tekin expressed their satisfaction with the after-sales services offered by TSM Global and pointed to the importance of service quality. Tekin said, “We wanted to work with a company with a strong service network. So far, we have not had any problems in terms of Sumitomo. Arrived when sought. They even said, “Your care is approaching, we will come, what is your availability?” That’s why we extended the maintenance contract. As we were satisfied, we extended our maintenance contract. In terms of price, friends do not upset anyone,” he said.

Underlining that occupational safety is their first priority at the construction site, Mahmut Gökay Tekin stated that the camera system in Sumitomo excavators provides a great advantage in their work in narrow spaces. Tekin said, “We have been working in narrow areas especially recently. The machines have two-sided cameras. Operators use both. They are very satisfied. So far, there has been no work accident related to this. Hopefully not alive. Regardless of the tonnage, we are happy with Sumitomo excavators in every way. We would like to work with Sumitomo in future projects,” he said.

We Have Control of the Machines
Muhammet Yılmaz, who served as the Machinery Delivery Supervisor in the project, drew attention to the size of the project and the difficulties it brought, and said that they preferred Sumitomo because they knew that they would overcome these difficulties with the right partner selection. Yılmaz said, “I take care of the maintenance and repair of the machines working in the project. It’s a pretty big project. Therefore, our responsibility is also high. We have about 140 blocks of foundation. Our floor is lime, we do not have a soft floor. It is a project that requires serious responsibility and has great difficulties. How did we solve this? We believed that we could be successful by working with big companies, big companies. One of them is TSM Global,” he said.

Muhammet Yılmaz said, “Especially after sales services are very good. Sumitomo offers us such a service. We can monitor our machines with the applications we download from our mobile phones. It is an application where we can follow the processes such as malfunctions, maintenance and repair of machines. This is something very serious. Because there is a crowded construction machinery group here. Of course, it is very difficult to maintain them, but TSM Global makes it easy. We can track it from mobile phones,” he said.

Underlining that after-sales is of great importance, Muhammet Yılmaz stated that TSM Global’s after-sales services team called them in addition to this technological infrastructure, warned them about their machines that were due for maintenance, and that this was an extra convenience for them. Yılmaz said, “Also, TSM Global calls us and follows our machines. They call us and say that the maintenance of your machines has arrived. They inform, they warn about it. We have more than one interlocutor. This allows our machines to work efficiently. You need to give a good machine to a good operator so that we can provide efficiency. TSM Global solves our problems in this regard, too.”

Wide Screen and Turkish Menu Advantage
Underlining that Sumitomo excavators are user-friendly, Muhammet Yılmaz said, “Sumitomolar has a significantly larger screen compared to other old models. I have to say this. Display menu in Turkish. Since it is in Turkish, any operator can access the entire menu simply. He can understand the warning from the machine. It can pinpoint in fault detection. This is a huge benefit. Unfortunately, the display language is not Turkish on X or Y other machines. That’s why operators try to do business with hearsay information. But this is not so in Sumitomo. There is an easy and simplified m

“Finding an Ingenious Interlocutor”
Pointing out that there are many criteria for machinery investment, Muhammet Yılmaz underlined that the most important criteria is after-sales service. Stating that Sumitomo excavators have already proven themselves with their fuel efficiency, Yılmaz said, “There is a good filter system. Excellent on fuel. It has a very good work efficiency compared to the fuel it consumes,” he said.

Emphasizing that it is important to find a contact person after the sale, Yılmaz said, “Ingenuity is not buying a machine either. After receiving the machine, ingenuity finds an interlocutor. Finding after-sales service. TSM Global is really good at this. One of the leading companies. After sales services are really good. After receiving the machine, you can find a contact person if there is any problem. Instant action is taken as soon as possible. My biggest disadvantage in this project is time. We are completely racing against time. There is a promise made by our company. TSM Global is the one that helps us the best in this regard,” he said.

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