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SUMITOMO’s Are Preferred In Marmara Island

Türer Madencilik, which operates marble-quarry in Marmara Island for 75 years, prefers Sumitomo excavators in harsh operating conditions. Marmara Island is the center of attention for civilizations throughout history with its marble deposits and continues to remain popular by adding beauty to the most prestigious buildings of the world. Numerous marble manufacturers and accordingly hundreds of large-scaled heavy construction machines operate in the second geographically biggest island after Gökçeada in Turkey.

We met with Mustafa Dinçer who is one of the second-generation partners of Dinçer Mermer, the long-established company of the island, and talked about Sumitomo brand crawler excavator, marble business, and their activities. Mustafa Dinçer informed us about the history of the company and mentioned that he started working by establishing his company 6 years after the first quarry opened in 1955 by his father Ahmet Remzi Dinçer. He expressed that they followed the path of their father as the second generation together with his three brothers and added “ Since my father learned the importance of foreign language in export activities, he sent us abroad for education and smoothed our ways. My older brother Aydın Dinçer serves as the President of the Istanbul Mine Exporters Union at the same time. My twin brother Hasan Dinçer deals with our quarries. I work in the head office and warehouse of our company in Kurtköy, Pendik district of Istanbul.

Its history dates back 2500 Years
By emphasizing the marble history of Marmara Island, Mustafa Dinçer said “The mining history of the island dates back 2500 years. It is one of the rare regions which were always active in the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, and finally in the Republic period. Today, you can still see well and sound marbles of Marmara Island in many historic structures such as the Ancient City of Ephesus in Selçuk, Izmir, or the Basilica of San Marco in Venice. In fact, Marmara Island is overseas and a harsh region. The reason why the production and transportation processes, which we have difficulties with from time to time even in today’s technology level, continue for thousands of years, is the quality of the extracted stone. Since it is a marble which can be used in manual labor and also is a Since it is a marble resistant to external factors and can be used manually, it is still being preferred in worldwide”.

Mustafa Dinçer gave information about quarries and said “We have two separate quarries in Marmara Island. We extract “Marmara Marble” from one of them and we extract “Dolamite White” from another. Last year, we produced approximately 30 thousand tons of marble and 5 thousand tons of dolomite in various qualities.

“Our First Criteria in Heavy Construction Machinery is After Sales Services”
Dinçer pointed at the importance of product quality and technology among criterions determining the preferences of heavy construction machinery in harsh island conditions and emphasized that the quality of after-sales services is much more important. Mustafa Dinçer stated, “Heavy construction machinery is the backbone of marble quarries having extremely hard operation conditions. Therefore, the availability of strong service and spare part support is the first criterion for us in the machines for preventing business disruption. This is followed by power and strength. Besides, we expect our excavators to have a balanced design, which well spreads to the ground to move blocks weighing tons with the ripper. Fuel consumption of our machines has an important place in our total costs. 2 of our excavators in quarries are 50 tones, 2 of them are 38 tones, we operate one of 38 tones excavators with breakers. We use other 38 tones excavators with a ripper as a helper for rolling blocks in areas with long walking distance. 50 tones excavators operate in stages in the more stable form” and he said they used their machine preference as TSM Global and Sumitomo.

We prefer Sumitomo For Many Years
Mustafa Dinçer stated “We prefer TSM Global and Sumitomo in excavator group for many years. Our first machine was SH480LHD-5. In addition to its technical features, the positive references obtained from the market, and our confidence in Japanese technology were effective in our preference. We bought one SH490LHD-6 in 2018 and one more SH370LHD- 6 in 2019 within the framework of our satisfaction”.

Mustafa Dinçer mentioned the reason for preferring the Sumitomo brand and said “Although we made a good research before buying, we had some hesitations at first. We turned our excavator pool into Sumitomo due to the performance of our machine and our satisfaction with the service provided. Some services visit us 3 or 4 times till solving a problem and they cause high costs and time loss. Authorized services of TSM Global are past masters. They are able to solve our problems fast and in the most possible economic way. We consulted our environment while buying Sumitomo; now we became their reference”.

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