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Sustainable Efficiency with SUMITOMO

Sumitomo excavators used in the OSB project, whose project was undertaken by National Construction, provide great advantages with their high speed and capacity operating performance, low fuel consumption and operating costs.

With Turkey’s increasing industrial investments, there is a great increase in OIZ projects, especially in the Marmara Region. One of them is the ongoing OSB construction in Yalova. The project contractor, National Construction, aims to complete the ongoing construction process within the next 2 years.

All infrastructure works are being done by National Construction at the construction site, which is spread over a very large area and where there is a tremendous amount of soil movement. All infrastructure needs, from sewer lines to rain drainage systems, from landscaping to road and communication systems, are being completed step by step within the scope of the project. In the project, which has an intense excavation and soil movement, the preference of National Construction is Sumitomo excavators. Providing information about the project, National Construction Site Manager Halit Kalaycı stated that they provide an important industrial infrastructure service and that they have the knowledge and machinery to overcome this and expressed the importance they attach to the selection of the excavator in the project being carried out. “There is a very large soil movement in the project. The topography has changed incredibly between where we started and what we have come to. Of course, this change means hard work. It means transporting hundreds of trucks of earthwork every day. Halit Kalaycı said that it means the right machine park for this, and noted that they took great care in the selection of excavators. Halit Kalaycı, stating that they are looking for a machine with high efficiency, durability, low fuel consumption and low operating cost, said, “Sumitomo excavators offered significant advantages compared to their competitors at this point. Machines with really high performance on fuel. Its speed and bucket capacity also contributed greatly to our production process. Failure stops were almost non-existent. These machines have undertaken a very important task at the construction site for approximately 2.5 years. Most importantly, the operating cost, which is the combination of all these, has been at very, very low levels.”

“Choosing the Right Machine Makes Your Job Easier”
Saying that one of the most important experiences they have gained in similar projects they have been carrying out for years is choosing the right machine park, Halit Kalaycı said, “You need to create the right machine park according to the work you are going to do. The cost of ownership is of course a criterion here, but the main thing to consider is the real cost of ownership, suitable for the job you will be doing. Choosing the right machine always makes your job easier. We have 50 ton and 40 ton class Sumitomo heavy duty excavators. Although the purpose of use of these machines on the construction site is different from each other, basically the same criteria are observed in their purchases.

“Almost No Failure”
Providing detailed information about the project, Oktay Karakuş, National Construction Site Chief, stated that the works carried out in a wide area continue in a coordinated and rapid manner. Stating that they made about 20 million m3 of soil movement, Karakuş said, “We preferred Sumitomo excavators because they are machines that do not cause malfunctions and do not cause problems.”

Stating that the project was carried out under difficult and variable conditions, Oktay Karakuş underlined that they were working at high tempo and as a result, the efficiency of the machinery park was very important. Noting that the downtime would be a significant disadvantage for them, Oktay Karakuş noted that they were very meticulous in choosing the machine and said, “First of all, I would like to thank Sumitomo. Service is very good and fast if needed. We work at an intense pace. Our machines were supposed to be machines that didn’t fail too much. We have been working with Sumitomo for almost two and a half years. We worked almost without any malfunctions, without major breakdowns. We worked at an intense pace, such as 7 in the morning, 9 in the evening, and sometimes 10-11, in the summer and winter periods, without saying rain or mud. We did not have any problems with the machines,” he said.

High Performance and Fuel Efficiency
Pointing out that the project was carried out in different and variable ground conditions, Oktay Karakuş expressed his satisfaction with the excavation performance and fuel efficiency of the machines and said, “One of the first things we look at in heavy machinery works is fuel. The machines we use here are really efficient machines. It has a really high fuel economy. So we are satisfied. In terms of fuel and performance, it works very efficiently for us compared to other competitors. I can say that they are machines that do not like too much fuel.”

Oktay Karakuş said, “The ground we are working on right now comes from soft ground and hard ground, but we have always used Sumitomo. Just to give an example, changing the nails allowed us to remove hard materials without using any drilling machine. We load and excavate approximately 2500-3000 m3 of excavation per machine per day. This is really a very productive work for us. In other words, it is one of the important factors of our use of Sumitomo that it can remove especially hard material without too much difficulty and without wasting time.”

“Operators are satisfied, they do not have any complaints. They work very well and comfortably. Sumitomo has not spared comfort for the operator part anyway. That’s why we don’t have any problems”, pointing to the operator comfort and satisfaction with the words, Oktay Karakuş, “As I said, all these factors are sufficient for us to choose Sumitomo.”

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