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The New Compact Stacker Series from Hyster

TSM Global Forklift, Stacking and Port Machinery Key Customers and Sales Manager Mustafa Becerik said the following about the new series: The new Hyster compact stackers provide easy handling and maneuverability in applications with limited range of motion, especially in narrow aisles. The versatile S1.0E-1.2E series can lift loads up to 1.2 tons up to a height of 2.38 meters and lighter loads up to 4.18 meters. This new stacker series offers both reliability and lowers operating costs by consuming less energy.”

It is believed that supermarkets or retail operations will benefit from increased efficiency in storage areas thanks to this series, which allows operators to store and retrieve goods faster and with less damage.

Mustafa Becerik also added: ” The new Hyster compact stackers have many area of use. These machines are ideal for placing or receiving goods in receiving and arranging areas, assembly operations, production processes or line feeding operations. It is also possible to adjust the forks to an ergonomic working height for order picking.”

Thanks to the effective field of visions, operators can work faster and have a clear view of the forks when picking up or placing loads. Precise lift controls also contribute to quicker operations and reduced product damage.

Watertight sockets on electrical parts offer serviceability while increasing overall safety, as offered with all Hyster in-tank equipment. The chassis of the new S1.0E-1.2E series Hyster stackers, which are offered to the market with many options such as keypad access, suitable for use in cold storages, load and traction wheel variety, wireless access or wireless tracking, etc., has a durable design that fits the discourse of Hyster’s motto of “robust machines.

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