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Things are on the way with AMMANN ARX Series

The ARX series asphalt rollers of Ammann, the world’s leading road and asphalt roller brand offered to the Turkish market by TSM GLOBAL, draws attention with their compact structure, powerful and economical engines and high technology.

ARX series asphalt rollers developed by Ammann have patch, combi and tandem roller models in the range of 1.5 – 13 tons. ARX110 asphalt rollers, one of the rollers of the ARX series, offer high compaction efficiency and oscillation feature together to the users. Ammann ARX series machines feature, for the first time, the ability to oscillate on vibratory rollers. Thanks to this feature, they can perform faster and better compaction with less vibration. Another benefit of its oscillating feature is that it has 90% less harmful effects on the environment.

The ability to oscillate is important when compacting in sensitive areas such as near buildings and bridges. Thanks to its oscillating feature, your risk of damaging such structures is reduced. In addition, the oscillation feature is also an advantage when working at cold junctions and where you are concerned about excessive compaction and damage to aggregate material and asphalt. For more compaction in less time, the ARX benefits from both oscillation and a heavy-duty two-stage, easy-to-use vibratory drum.

The ACE Force system, which is an optional feature, measures the material compression ratio in absolute values and guides the operator through the entire compaction process, making his job easier.

High Performance with Powerful and Economical Engine
Ammann ARX110 is offered to users with its renewed engine version and meets the current emission values. Tandem rollers, with the articulation feature and the oscillation feature located at the articulation point, are extremely easy to use in the “slow forward mode option”. The operator’s cabin is extremely spacious, comfortable and quiet. Operator controls are user-friendly and there is also a multi-function display. The steering column is tilt-adjustable and the control knobs are located close to the elbow rests.

Thanks to the seat that can rotate and change direction according to the operator’s point of view, the operator can see the edges and spray bars without fatigue and in the best way. Integrated diagnostic units on the machine notify the operator immediately of possible emergencies. Access to service points has been facilitated. The hydraulic pumps of tandems require less maintenance.

Widespread Service Network
Ammann road and asphalt rollers offered to the Turkish market by TSM GLOBAL can operate uninterruptedly on the roads thanks to its extensive after-sales service network. With the experienced and strong service network spread over 7 regions of Turkey, periodic maintenance can be carried out at the construction sites, and in case of malfunction, mobile service teams can immediately intervene in the machines by producing on-site solutions. TSM GLOBAL, which provides sales, spare parts and service with its strong dealer network and expert staff, offers great advantages to its customers with its superior service understanding in after-sales services.

In addition to the Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Adana Regional Directorates, it provides service with its service network all over Turkey, from Erzurum to Edirne, from Trabzon to Mersin, from Diyarbakır to Bursa, from Çanakkale to Zonguldak. TSM GLOBAL stands out from its competitors with its high spare parts availability and superior service quality within the framework of customers’ demands.

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