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Tsm Global Conquered Ankomak

Participating in the International Construction Machinery, Building Elements and Construction Technologies Fair ANKOMAK, held in Istanbul Expo Center between June 1-5, 2016, TSM GLOBAL exhibited at the fair with its 1.500 m2 stand, new brands and products. TSM GLOBAL, which is very ambitious in the fair, which is established on an area of 70.000 m2 and attended by more than 350 companies, where the construction equipment and construction sector shows great interest, besides the products of the construction machinery brands Sumitomo, Ammann and the stacking machine brands Hyster and Utilev, its new brand. Yanmar mini excavators and Iteco personnel platforms were also brought together with the visitors at the fair.

Wide Range of Products Unveiled
At this year’s ANKOMAK fair, TSM GLOBAL exhibited the HA90C-2 model paver from the paver product range of Sumitomo, which is known all over the world for its powerful, environmentally friendly and economic engine and high performance, where the same brand has a 70% market share in Japan. TSM GLOBAL, on the other hand, brought together the new ARX series asphalt rollers, patch and soil rollers, and hand compactors from Ammann’s state-of-the-art product range, which is also one of the world’s largest road equipment manufacturers.

TSM GLOBAL also took its place at the fair with the brands of Hyster and Utilev, the world’s giant brands that it represents in the field of stacking machines, which have become an integral part of the business and construction machinery market. By the way, the company also presented one of the biggest surprises of the fair this year, one of the largest engine manufacturers in the world, and Yanmar, which is one of the largest engine manufacturers in the world and produced with more than 100 years of experience, with its wide range of mini excavator products to its customers.

Iteco, which has joined the TSM GLOBAL product range, also presented different models of battery powered, diesel and battery-powered models to customers.

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