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Uysal Madencilik Strengthened Its Machinery Park with SUMITOMO

Uysal Madencilik, one of the important coal mine enterprises of the Thrace Region, continues its investments with the Sumitomo excavators added to its machinery park.

Uysal Madencilik continues its investments by combining the environmentalist mining approach it has pursued since 1970, with its more than 300 personnel and an annual production capacity of over 500 thousand tons, with high-efficiency production. In this context, Uysal Madencilik, adding a new one to its investments, added the 50-ton class SH490LHD-6 model, one of Sumitomo’s low fuel consumption, high efficiency crawler excavators to its fleet. Contributing to Sumitomo’s production capacity with its high speed, low fuel consumption, superior breaking power and high bucket capacity, the SH490LHD-6 series works without stopping in businesses, especially with its long maintenance intervals and strong after-sales services.

Sumitomo excavators, which reduce the cost per ton with their high cycle speed, offer the opportunity to work with high efficiency in difficult quarry conditions with their heavy-duty type structure.

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