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Yanmar’s Mini Wheel Loaders Are in Turkey

After Yanmar mini tracked excavator, TSM GLOBAL also offers Yanmar Skid Loaders.

Yanmar Construction Equipment Company is among the Yanmar Group companies, which were founded in 1912 and celebrated its 100th anniversary in recent years. Yanmar Group operates in 7 different business lines: industrial engines, large marine engines, marine engines, agricultural machinery, construction equipment, energy systems and component systems.

The history of Yanmar’s mini construction machines dates back to the production of the first mini tracked excavators in the 1960s. Today, Yanmar is known as one of the first brands that come to mind in the world in the production of construction equipment, tractors, marine vehicles, generator engines and mini construction equipment. Yanmar is also known as the inventor and developer of mini construction equipment.

TSM GLOBAL, the world’s leading business and reach trucks in Turkey and in regional countries and representatives of the brand added Japan’s Mini Construction Machinery Giant Yanmar last year in addition to its representatives in Japanese Sumitomo Tracked Excavators and Asphalt Paver, American HYSTER, warehouse stacking and port machines and AMMAN compaction and asphalt machines.

TSM GLOBAL, Yanmar has the sole and exclusive supplier of business machines and after sales services provider in Turkey. TSM GLOBAL, which Yanmar has an extensive product line from 500 kg up to 10 tons of mini crawler excavator market continues to be sold in Turkey.

TSM GLOBAL has also presented Yanmar’s Mini Wheel Loaders to the appreciation of the market. Initially, the V7 and V8 models were brought to Turkey and was offered for sale.

New Stars of the Miniloaders Market
The common features of Yanmar V7 and V8 are that they are both powered by Yanmar diesel engine, have a hydrostatic carriage system and are equipped with a boom lifting system called Z-bar.Both models have bucket options in different sizes for different jobs starting with 0.7 m3 and going upwards. Thanks to their standard fast automatic attachment change mechanism, they can work with not only buckets but also with many different hydraulic and mechanical attachments such as forklift fork and broom. V7 and V8 mini loaders can work comfortably in any environment with narrow areas and rough floors, with lifting capacities between 1.9 – 2.3 tons and articulated and land type chassis structures. Thanks to the planar placed Yanmar engine, power transmission losses are reduced and fuel consumption is minimized. Both machines can be easily controlled with a single hydraulic control lever (joystick). Even the operator can move the machine forward and backward using the hydraulic control lever.

Thanks to the differential lock system, which is a feature of Yanmar mini loaders, the problem of spinning the tires under load on slippery floors (skidding) can be prevented up to 100%.. Thus, it is possible to work effectively not only on uneven floors, but also on slippery and soft floors, as well as protecting tires against cuts and rapid wear.

Mini wheel loaders play the role of complement and teammate of mini tracked excavators in many countries and provide flexibility and speed to the user in their working environment, allowing the work to be done easily, safely and quickly.

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