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FUCHS was established in Germany in 1888. Fuchs is not known for its high-quality, innovative and highly efficient machines only, but also it stands for a heritage that has been identified for achieving perfection in leading-edge technologies and that has continued for decades. Fuchs model 301 excavator was one of the most popular and best-selling excavators in the market in 1960s; and in 1975, the company had obtained a patent for the recently developed hydraulic lever and swivel cab. Thus, it is not surprising that the company culture reflects strong innovations even today.

The unique design features of the machines manufactured in the factory located in the Karlsruhe region of Germany make them an excellent choice for material handling and lifting operations.

Whether in scrap handling or in recycling areas, in lumber mills or port shipping operations, Fuchs has the final word for superior productivity and cost-effectiveness.

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