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As a global giant of metallurgy, Spanish Metalogenia S.A. manufactures bucket wear parts and teeth for construction machines with its products patented for special design developed with the global experience and experience of the company.

Construction machine teeth system, named as StarMet by MTG, primarily aims to offer high level of safety in the use of teeth with adaptors. Thanks to a single-sided and double-sided locking system that does not require the use of a hammer, the taper pin combines the teeth and the adaptor easily and very safely to ensure that they are integrated into a single part.

In addition to the high level of safety provided by MTG StarMet, its best feature is that it wears at a much longer time than the competitors thanks to the casting technology achieved through special geometry and excellent alloy techniques developed as a result of high-end engineering work. Staying sharp while it is worn thanks to its special geometry, StarMet enables both speeds up the excavation process and allows saving of fuel by ensuring that the machine consumes less power.

As TSM Global, we offer the MTG ProMet side blade protectors and MTG Ripper systems besides MTG StarMet teeth systms to the users in Turkey.

Responding to different requirements and applications in many construction sites around the world with its patented products, MTG is preferred for its long-lasting teeth that protect their form and the easy installation and removal system developed by MTG.

MTG KingMET and StartMET teeth adaptors and bucket protectors provide a great advantage over their competitors with their unit cost per hour. They may be used longer with minimum cost, they may easily be replaced in a very short period of time, and they maintain the teeth profile during the wear stage and help the hydraulic system by sustaining their sharpness to save fuel.

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