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As TSM GLOBAL TURKEY, the Astra Brand we represent, with nearly 80 years of experience; It is a special mission-heavy duty vehicle manufacturer that serves harsh working conditions such as construction, mining, oil – natural gas and heavy transportation sectors. These vehicles are customized to meet the needs of customers working in harsh conditions and are built to operate in challenging and restricted-access job sites such as aggregate quarries and mines around the world.

ASTRA Brand, which has been operating in the Turkish market for many years, will be at its right address as of June 2023; It continues its activities much stronger and safer where it left off, with sales, after-sales and spare parts services under the umbrella of TSM GLOBAL.

Astra Brand, which produces with a tailor-made logic, produces vehicles for all kinds of needs of our customers. The brand, which uses a certain part of its production in the production of military vehicles, proves its strength and quality in this regard.

In addition to producing vehicles in the Euro 6 E norm for current Turkish regulations, it also produces Euro 3 and Euro 5 vehicles for markets outside Turkey and meets the demand in this direction.

ASTRA, in its HD 9 Truck Chassis product range, has a legendary Chassis Structure in its class (202,000 Nm chassis torsional moment in the HHD 9 series, 300,000 Nm chassis torsion moment), High Engine Power (Cursor 13 Lt in Euro 6 E class, 450, 510, and 570 Horsepower options), customer service A wide range of heavy duty version options that can be shaped according to your needs, lean production principle, standard 50 tons Technical Carrying Capacity (A.Y.A) in the HD 9 84.51 8 It brings a different excitement and alternative to the Turkish Off Road Heavy Duty Truck Segment with its many features such as its engine structure that does not have any sound and works only with the SCR system, and its fuel efficiency per ton transported in construction sites.

Thanks to the superior service and spare parts service initiated by TSM Global Turkey Sumitomo Construction Machinery with the principle of “Unconditional Customer Satisfaction”, our ASTRA Brand Vehicles are serviced within 24 hours at the latest within the borders of Turkey.

HD9 Heavy Duty Truck

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