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Periodic Maintenance Agreements (PBA)

PMA, in other words “Periodic Maintenance Agreements”, is the general name for the special maintenance agreement packages prepared for the performance and reporting of periodic inspections of your machine by skilled and professional technicians, taking and analysis of the required oil samples, replacement of oil and filters as required.

Our goal is to make you forget about periodic maintenance hassle and ensuring that these operations are performed safely without interfering with the busy schedule of your machine while you are concentrating on your work and project. Regularly and professionally applied periodic maintenance protects your machines from costly breakdowns and longer down times.

In particular, operators of machines that are working in different, remote locations and under harsh conditions, require maintenance agreements. Periodic maintenance services specially designed for these operators are provided by our expert staff.

Our periodic maintenance services may be performed in short and long terms with favourable options and save both individual and corporate operators from issues of maintenance and of maintenance materials, particularly for machines operated round the clock.

Your benefits from PBA:
• Extension of the life cycle of your machines
• Convenience of payment
• Deduction on extra spare parts for maintenance package
• “Maintenance Certificate” issued for your machine
• Preliminary detection of possible major faults
• Regular reporting of the maintenance, analysis operations performed and detected issues

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