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Petronas Li EP Series Greases
Premium Multi-Purpose Extreme Pressure Grease
Li EP 0, Li EP 00, Li EP 1, Li EP 2, Li EP 3

Based on structural stability, lithium soap technology, high quality mineral base oils and mixture of optimized EP additives, Li EP product line is a premium multi-purpose grease option suitable for greatly varying automotive and industrial applications. A number of thickness options from semi-fluid NLGI 00 to thicker NLGI 3 class improves the versatility of the this product line.

Petronas LiCa MG HL Series Grease
Heavy Duty Lithium Calcium Grease with Solid Lubricant Additives

Mixture of lithium/calcium soap, high viscosity base oils, EP additives and 5% of solid lubricant additive technologies, this grease is suitable to be used in many applications that include pins, washers, joints and couplings that allow driving or movement of off-raod, mining and construction vehicles and equipment.

Petronas LiX MEP Series Grease
Heavy Duty Lithium Complex Grease with Solid Lubricant Additives

Thermally stable lithium complex soap, high viscosity mineral based oils and optimized EP additive pack makes this product ideal for heavy duty applications where it is exposed to higher operating temperatures. Solid lubricant additive technology provides enhanced surface protection where sliding or swinging movements may be present.

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