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SUMITOMO Spare Parts

SUMITOMO original spare parts are designed and introduced to increase the efficiency and performance of your machines. Their key feature is their long service life and the fact that they may be operated in harmony with each other. With these key features and their minimal damage infliction rate, they always offer a design that reduces the downtimes of your machinery. Always use the original Sumitomo spare parts to achieve maximum efficiency on your construction machines.

Complete Diesel Engines
State-of-the-art diesel engines, which are manufactured by Isuzu and which provide low fuel consumption and high performance, for machines from 7 tones to 70 tonnes, provide fuel economy. Our engine types are: Isuzu 6WG1, 6UZ1, 6HK1, 4HK1, 4JJ1, 4LE2

You may maintain the authenticity of your engine by procuring the Isuzu engine parts you require for the engine overhaul of your Sumitomo machines from TSM GLOBAL.

Injector and Fuel System Parts
With the original parts for the high-pressure common rail fuel system you may procure from TSM GLOBAL, engine of your machine shall continue to operate as it did in the first day.

One of the most important spare parts to ensure real productivity on the construction machines is the  filtering elements selected as per the correct standards. In case of air filters, the original Sumitomo air filters with a suction performance of 99.8% maintain the performance of your engine at top level. And the fuel filters filter out particulates at a level of 2 microns and provide superior protection for both the engine and the fuel system. While Sumitomo engine oil filters maintain your engine oil under extreme conditions and high pressure and provide protection at the highest level with their superior cleaning characteristics, they also offer long service life for your engine by ensuring minimum wear. Hydraulic system, rollers, valves, pumps and hydromotors of your machine may only be protected by using the original Sumitomo hydraulic system filters, and this improves the performance of your machine and reduces the risk of failure.

Travelling and Rotation System Engine and Gear Groups
Choosing Sumitomo original spare parts for the rotation and travelling assemblies, which are driven, ad thus wearable parts of your Sumitomo machine, shall increase the efficiency you achieve by ensuring that your machine operates with high performance.

Undercarriage Components
We are there for our customers with undercarriage components of the Service Genuine Parts class developed by Sumitomo. You may benefit from our undercarriage system services with our inventory that is always ready for delivery for travel chains, idlers, lower and upper (carrying) rollers, drive rims, etc.

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