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Construction Machinery Leading Brand SUMITOMO In Turkish Market With TSM GLOBAL

With its history dating back to the 16th century, Sumitomo Group aims to be a leader in the construction machinery market with a rare partnership to assess the market potential of Turkey. As of this month, the Sumitomo brand shall be marketed by TSM GLOBAL which has a 90 percent foreign and 10 percent Turkish partnership structure. Sumitomo which continues its existence in more than 120 countries and provides sales, service, and spare parts services in markets such as the USA, China, Indonesia, and Japan, has crawler excavators between 7 tons and 85 tones and asphalt spreaders in two separate models between 6 and 9 meters.

Ichiro SHIMADA stated: “We offer unique products in the construction machinery market with our experience over the centuries.”
Sumitomo Construction Machinery Vice President ICHIRO SHIMADA added, “As one of the three largest groups in Japan, we are a group that carries out activity in a wide range from chemistry to industry, from automotive to finance, from mining to heavy industry. Sumitomo Construction Machinery, one of the most valuable parts of this group, was founded in 1963 under the roof of Sumitomo Heavy Industry to manufacture crawler excavators and asphalt spreaders. As Sumitomo Construction Machinery is known for its quality, fuel-saving and environment-friendly technology all over the world, we decided to carry out the activities in Turkey with a professional business partner”.

ICHIRO SHIMADA stated that they believe that they shall establish a strong bridge between Turkey and Japan with their existence in Turkey and continued his speech as follows: “We are here to support 2023 targets of Turkey with our financial structure, quality of our products and our professional approach. Our products are being sold in Turkey since 1991 and we are a known and preferred brand in the market. Turkey’s construction and mining sector have shown tremendous development in the last 10 years and we anticipate that it shall continue in the future. Through our existence, we shall not only contribute to the development of Turkey’s infrastructure but also shall make Turkey the region base of Sumitomo Construction Machinery with the investments to be made. From now on, we shall manage Iraq, Iran Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan markets from TSM GLOBAL Turkey Sumitomo Construction Machinery company.

Taner SÖNMEZER: “Our goal is to make Sumitomo the leader in Turkey…”
TSM GLOBAL’s CEO and partner Taner Sönmezer said, “I am proud to be the manager and partner of this big group with my industry experience of 22 years and 15 years of Sumitomo experience. Sumitomo brand, which has a deep-rooted history and corporate identity, is known for its superior after-sales services as well as the trust and support that it provides to its customers all over the world. With the establishment of the TSM GLOBAL, we will walk towards the big goals in Turkey. Our target is to make this brand number one in Turkey.

We are planning to become a family of 500 people together with our dealers by the end of the year. In a short period, we shall complete our dealers and service structuring in the big cities of Turkey. Thus, we will able to provide better service to our current construction Machinery over 3,000 units in Turkey”.

Mr. Sönmezer expressed that they aim to be a market leader in Turkey in the medium-term and continued as follows: “We believe that we shall increase our 12 percent share in the crawler excavator market in a short period.

Turkey carries out big projects in accordance with 2023 targets. We want to contribute to the development and major investments of our country with the power and performance of Sumitomo Construction Machinery while running towards 2023 targets with firm steps. The eco-friendly feature of Sumitomo excavators which were awarded for its energy-saving shows our respect to the people of our country.

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