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Asfen Energy’s Choice FUCHS

Fuchs, the leading brand of handling equipment introduced to the market by TSM Global in Turkey for the last 5 years, has taken its permanent place in the machinery park of Asfen Enerji, the strong company of the port sector. Asfen Enerji can load a 2,500-ton ship in 4 hours with the Fuchs handling machine, which it has preferred for rental for many years.

As the equipment used in PORT MANAGEMENT improves, port operations continue to gain momentum. The machinery and equipment preferred by major port companies in the sector can also spread rapidly as an important reference. Asfen Energy Construction Limited Company, one of these companies, has preferred the German-origin Fuchs brand for many years. The owner of the company, Özkan Özkanca, states that they made this choice based on product performance and operator satisfaction criteria. We talked to him about his work and the machines he uses:

First of all, could you tell us about your company history and areas of activity?

We entered the mining sector in the 1990s and started our work in the quarry located in Ataşehir New Sahra. We moved to Gebze after the Uydukent projects implemented by the late President Turgut Özal came into operation. We further professionalized our business and supplied aggregates to Istanbul asphalt factories. We carried out the stone fillings of the Anatolian side from Kadıköy to Pendik. Then, we focused on the field of solar energy systems and put our investments into action. In this context, our solar power plants are located in the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Region. On the other hand, we also entered the vehicle charging stations sector with our company called 360 Energy. In this line of business, for which we also received our license, we have stations in areas such as highways and restaurants, mainly in the Aegean Region. In our port management business line, we mainly work through Ambarlı Akçansa Port.

Could you tell us about your port management work?

We handle 50 thousand tons of ceramic raw materials per month. In this context, we work with big brands such as Çanakkale Seramik, Bien and Qua. Materials coming from Şile are prepared at the port and loaded onto ships. We have the capacity to prepare goods for 80 vehicles, load and ship them in 4 hours. Within the scope of our new project, our efforts to create a customs area continue. We plan to handle timber, coal and clay in our site in the Kocaeli region.

Which work machines do you use in port areas?

We work with port handling equipment. We used the German Fuchs brand handling machine for rent for a long time. Due to our satisfaction, we shook hands with TSM Global, the brand’s distributor in Turkey, and purchased the Fuchs MHL360 machine to our park. We continue to work quickly with our 3 cubic meter volume machine.

“Our machine works an average of 15 hours a day”

What kind of work does the Fuchs MHL360 do?

We use our machine for loading from land to ship. The smallest ships of 1,700 and the largest of 2,500 tons dock at our port. While Fuchs’ competitors load in 7-8 hours, we complete our load in 4 hours with Fuchs. When there are no ships in the port, we continue to run our machine to stock. I can say that our machine works 15 hours a day on average. There were times when we loaded 6 thousand tons of goods in 1 day.

“There were times when we loaded 6 thousand tons of goods in 1 day.”

Which features of the machine are your operators satisfied with?

Fuchs, which we used as a rental for a long time, was purchased and brought to our company upon the satisfaction of the operators. Our operators continue their work with features such as speed, fast operation, and cabin comfort that is far superior to its competitors.

What are your impressions of the machine regarding service and maintenance?

We have not experienced any malfunctions with the Fuchs brand handling machines we have operated so far. At this point, the widespread and fast-intervening service network of TSM Global, the distributor of the brand, also has a great impact. In this context, we have confidence in them.

Will you purchase new machines from TSM Global?

We will soon purchase a Yanmar mini excavator that will clean inside ships. We are also planning to purchase a tire handling machine for Haydarpaşa port, another port we work with. TSM Global has a wide product range. It offers a range that can meet all needs, from asphalt pavers to rock trucks. In this context, we plan to purchase trucks from TSM Global for the recycling facility we plan to establish in Alemdağ.

Ahmet Karagöz, TSM Global FUCHS, Hyster and Mafi sales manager: “FUCHS, which reaches 30 thousand hours and does not cause any malfunctions, works in the sector.”

Ahmet Karagöz, sales manager of Fuchs, Hyster and MAFI branded products at TSM GLOBAL, stated in his statements to our magazine that Fuchs continues to increase its capacity with new models. Karagöz said, “Fuchs, one of the 3 major port handling machine brands in the European market, has a 34 percent share in the continental market. Our brand, which has been offered for sale in our country for 15 years, has gained significant momentum under the distributorship of TSM Global for the last 5 years. The capacity of the brand, which is up to 90 tons, will further increase with the addition of a 140-ton machine. “We will offer this new product to our customers in Turkey in the coming period,” he said.

Touching on the production logic of Fuchs, Karagöz said, “Fuchs, which produces its products in Germany, will celebrate its 135th anniversary next year. Since Fuchs is a boutique company, workmanship is very important. Each machine is produced with care. Just like there are handmade versions of shoes, you can also think of Fuchs in the same way. It does not mass produce in the factory and send it to the customer. It deals with each machine separately and carries out production strictly within the scope of the annual quota. “This brings quality,” he said.


Stating that Fuchs stands out with its handling performance especially in scrap recycling activities, Karagöz said, “We are in the first place in the recycling industry. We have now started to have a say in the port sector. In this context, we see that those who use rival brands have started to prefer Fuchs. In this choice, the speed and durability of our machine comes to the fore. Our machines, which have reached 30 thousand hours and do not malfunction, are still used in the industry. Operators can work in the Fuchs cabin with the comfort of a luxury car. “On the other hand, we have started to be preferred in the forest products sector” he said.


Referring to the Asfen Enerji company to which they delivered Fuchs MHL360, Ahmet Karagöz said, “Asfen Enerji and the company founder Özkan Bey is a very special person for us. It is also among the key names in the port sector. “The satisfaction he feels with the product he uses becomes a reference for other port companies and determines customer preferences” he said.

Forum Makina – Construction and Construction Machinery Magazine – Issue:144 P:32-33-34

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