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Hyster is Accelarating Investments with Tsm Global in Turkey

American HYSTER, one of the world’s largest producers of forklift, stacker and port equipment, decided to give higher acceleration to the growth and investment attack began with Turkish partner TSM GLOBAL the new structuring.

“HYSTER and TSM GLOBAL partnership set sail for new success.”
As HYSTER, we offer unique products to the market of lifting, handling and stacking machines for different needs in different countries of the world. HYSTER symbolizes a well-established and international structure dating back 90 years. This structure is a giant structure that produces more than 140 different products for 750 different industrial applications and serves hundreds of thousands of active machines that sell them in more than 130 countries.

While HYSTER carries various loads at every point around the world, the most important purpose is to provide products that the user can easily use, maintain, and can work without any malfunction for a long time and change with high value when the economic life is over. When HYSTER products are examined closely, you can immediately notice how solid and simple they are.

HYSTER owes its worldwide rightful title to the superior properties of its products and the success in keeping these products operational.

Today, with thousands of employees, HYSTER has been among the leading companies in its field, and with each passing year, investments in technology and perfection are moving forward.

While HYSTER achieves this success, one of the main points on which it is based is its distribution channels and strategic partners in the world. In Turkey, we started our partnership with the TSM GLOBAL, ‘in this embodied superior performance, we provide our decision to move on to a new stage. Today, together with TSM GLOBAL, we are on the eve of starting a series of organizations such as demo tour, fair and seminar together with HYSTER’s new service investments and enabling us to go as far as the user. We are proud to announce this situation with you to Turkey.

Taner SÖNMEZER: Our goal is to make Hyster a leader in Turkey…
On behalf of myself and the TSM GLOBAL family, I would like to thank you all for honoring us with your participation on this significant and important day.

The reason we are here today: HYSTER forklift truck, which was established and started production in USA in the 1920s and has been serving with hundreds of thousands of active machines in more than 130 countries, is an industrial giant with 12 factories around the world, both the geographical location of the stacking and port equipment. In parallel with the developments in our country, which is a logistics and production base with its large investments, our company is to announce the new service investments and activity plans to be realized with TSM GLOBAL to the public through you, our valuable members of the press.

HYSTER is the brand with the widest range of products in the world, offering lifting capacity from 1 ton to 52 tons with more than 140 different models of battery and diesel forklifts, warehouse stackers, container handling machines, large industrial forklifts.

With a history of 90 years and a strong corporate structure, HYSTER addresses a wide range of industries from chemistry to industry, from automotive to retail sector, from mining to heavy industry, from ports to large logistics centers. The company made such a decision in order to evaluate the market potential of Turkey and related countries and to create a regional power.

I’m proud to be with this great group of representatives and partner network with 23 years of industry experience, a strong and experienced team and all of Turkey’s widely dispersed and efficient sales and after-sales. The HYSTER brand, which has a long history and corporate identity, is known for its superior after-sales services as well as the trust and support it provides to its customers all over the world. Turkey will meet in the real logic of 7/24 in the sector in this new era in our country, industrialists and all of our users.

As the shining star of the sector for the last two years, TSM GLOBAL FAMILY, in addition to Istanbul Headquarters and Asia Regional Directorate and Istanbul European Regional Directorate and with our distributors in Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Trabzon, Diyarbakır, Bursa and Antalya, we have an effective sales and we established a network of after sales services. Our mission is to be the Turkey and the region’s most efficient, fastest, stacking and best solution construction machinery companies; we quickly completed our structure in line with the mission of the company.

Now we will walk towards bigger targets with this new service investment and development plans of HYSTER. Our goal is to make this brand a leader both in Turkey and in the region.

Accordingly, from August we are launching a giant Road Show organization in where Turkish users will find an opportunity that allows them to use and recognize with out new products and models.There will also be an advertising and promotion campaign to support the Road Show organization, seminar chain and participation in specialized fairs Thus, we desire  many users in Turkey would like to recognize the advantageous properties of HYSTER’s product and features more closely.

Currently, we are a family of 500 people with our dealers and we are planning to increase this number to 1000 people with new investments until the end of the year. In this way, thousands of which are currently used in Turkey are able to give our Hyster brand machines even better service and spare parts service. Industrialists, businessmen and investors of our country will also gain a great competitive advantage in their own sectors with the advantages of the HYSTER brand.

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