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Mtg Teeth Trainings Continue

Trainings on MTG products, the world’s leading manufacturer of bucket and wear parts, continue at full speed.

Within the scope of the training program, the basic product types, the technology developed by MTG and the easy-to-plug systems were explained to the participants. Participants saw with examples that MTG teeth with high wear resistance thanks to its special formula and casting technology with homogeneous material distribution can be used without disrupting the continuous diving form thanks to its patented design, and had the opportunity to learn about its positive effects on production capacity. Factors that increase customer satisfaction were mentioned in the training program in which the data obtained from customers using the wide product range of MTG, which offers different solutions in different ground conditions, were also discussed.. It was stated that the main satisfaction of customers using MTG teeth is high wear resistance and constant plunging. On the other hand, it was noted that the easy-to-plug feature provides a great advantage in terms of work safety and speed, underlining the satisfaction of customers with MTG products. Within the framework of the training, it was explained in detail which machine model, in which line of business, under which ground conditions, what type of teeth and bucket protection piece would be recommended.

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