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Yanmar B75W

B75W excavator, which is in YANMAR’s compact wheel excavator product group, is ideal for projects that require high performance with its compact and powerful structure. With its rubberized compact structure, it works with high efficiency in jobs that require speed and performance. With its low fuel consumption, its excellent cabin offers the operator a more comfortable working opportunity.


Extremely durable direct controls are a major plus of the SV08-1C, while a lever locks the machine’s four main functions and ensures safe access and release of the operating chair. The control system has a security alarm and a security bar in front of the main control console. The rear blind spot has been minimized to help protect everyone nearby. In addition, the machine is equipped as standard with a ROPS faceplate.


With its perfect design, the B75W meets ROPS, TOPS and FOPS standards for protection against the threats of rolling, overturning and material falling from a height. It is offered to you with standard seat belt sensor, light warning and warning lamps. Led work lights ensure safe operation of the operator and optionally, the number of these led lighting can be increased.


The cabin design provides the operator with an all-round view, this view is reinforced by the mirrors on both sides that the operator can control with the corner of his eye, and 360-degree safety is provided. The operator of the B75W can see his surroundings comfortably from his seat.

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