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Yanmar B7-6B

Included in YANMAR’s midi excavator product line, B7-6B midi excavator is ideal for projects that require high performance thanks to the compact structure of its Sigma Boom that may be rotated within the track width. Its speciak design allows operation with various attachment even in confined areas.


When operating at boom offset in narrow trenches, the second part of the boom does not hit the left support plate, as is usually the case with conventional excavators.


The B7-6B has exceptional stability thanks to its unique boom design, because the boom’s pivot point is close to the machine’s center of gravity. Therefore, the B7-6B is the most suitable tool for lifting and placing loads. In addition, the B7-6B is equipped with the patented VICTAS system. Featuring an offset raceway, this unique rail system enables the excavator to lift loads with higher performance while maintaining the most compact size in its class.


For daily maintenance, there’s an easy-to-open engine bonnet, with the right-hand side cover mounted on one hinge for quick opening. This allows access to all major elements, including the air filter, radiator, refuelling pump, battery, fuel tank, hydraulic oil tank and so on. The fuses and relays are located under the seat and are thus easily accessible.

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