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Yanmar SV08-1C

For an extremely compact excavator, the SV08-1C is packed with all kinds of features designed to make your life easier. For starters, it’s really extremely compact, meaning it can be used pretty much anywhere, indoors or out, and is easy to transport.

Yet it is flexible and extremely stable, able to run smoothly even under the toughest conditions. A high-performance engine, advanced hydraulic system and fast, easy maintenance ensure optimum productivity, while a host of safety features provide true peace of mind.


Here is the shape suitable for simple and efficient working in confined spaces. The SV08-1AS is a hardworking workhorse for tight spaces such as residential foundations, interior renovation, piping and landscaping.


Many convenience features include retractable seat belt, precise arm controls, foot rest and comfortable seat with uncomplicated arm arrangement.


Central routing of flexible hoses to eliminate kinking problems Flexible hoses protected by external sleeves Rotation motors hydraulic hoses protected by steel sleeves Hydraulic hoses are located under the cylinders to prevent accidental damage. The blade hydraulic cylinder is protected by a protective shield.

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