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Yanmar SV26

The Short Tail SV26 mini excavator, which is included in YANMAR’s mini excavator product group, is ideal for projects that require high performance with its compact structure, superior Yanmar Vipps multistage pump system and low fuel consumption. Thanks to its cabin and heating system, it offers the operator a more comfortable working opportunity.

The SV26 is equipped with a digital interface that informs the operator of the machine’s status in real time. The 3.3 inch digital display, ergonomically integrated into the right console, provides excellent visibility. From the digital display, the operator can monitor fuel consumption, coolant temperature, fuel amount, etc. sees important information instantly, can access a lot of information about the machine.


Extremely durable direct controls are a major plus of the SV26, while a lever locks the machine’s four main functions and ensures safe access and release of the operating chair. The control system has a security alarm and a security bar in front of the main control console. The rear blind spot has been minimized to help protect everyone nearby. In addition, the machine is equipped as standard with a ROPS faceplate.


The SV26 has a power-suction regulated hydraulic circuit equipped with two variable-flow piston pumps, a gear pump, and a multi-combination directional control valve. The pumps are activated automatically depending on the operation, providing greater ease of use for the operator. On the one hand, the cumulative flow of the pumps allows the operating speed to increase, on the other hand, it allows smooth and simultaneous operation even when the system is in motion.


SV26 fuel consumption is very low. This consumption can be further reduced by installing an optional Auto Idle System that idles the engine when the machine is not used for more than 4 seconds and automatically accelerates as needed.

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