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Yanmar SV60-6B

Included in YANMAR’s midi excavator product line, SV60-6B midi excavator is ideal for projects that require high performance in narrow spaces and particularly in urban areas thanks to its compact structure and its Yanmar 4TNV84T-ZMBVA engine with the lowest fuel consumption in its class. It provides a more comfortable working area thanks to its spacious cab and heating and cooling system.


Parts such as engine, hydraulic pump, distributor, which are the main components of the power system, have been specially developed. Thus, power and compactness are not compromised.


Designed to work effectively on a variety of sites, it combines compactness, power, versatility, reliability and durability. With impressive strength and excellent stability, the SV60-6B is perfect for urban renewal, earthworks, demolition, grading and landscaping projects.


Developed in Japan using best-in-class components, the SV60-6B is renowned for its reliability and long service life.

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