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Yanmar VIO12-2A

Joystick controlled Zero Tail VIO12-2A mini excavator in YANMAR’s mini excavator product group; Thanks to its compact structure, collapsible chassis and superior hydraulic performance, it is ideal for excavation, demolition and demolition applications with its accessibility and maneuverability in narrow spaces.


Here is the shape suitable for simple and efficient working in confined spaces. The VIO12-2A is a hardworking workhorse for tight spaces such as residential foundations, interior renovation, piping and landscaping.


The ViO12-2A has an operating weight of 1235 kg and the longest undercarriage in its class at 1440 mm. The machine is more stable with heavy loads or attachments. This is very important for basic applications of this type of mini excavator such as demolition.


A large hood provides quick access to key components, and an easily removable steel left side shield provides access to the filter. All ViO12-2A components are designed to make it reliable, durable and capable of performing tough jobs.

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