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Yanmar VIO17-1

The True Zero tail turn ViO17-1 is the perfect choice for work in tight spaces such as remodeling, grading or landscaping. The machine cabinet rotates within the width of the pallet, allowing you to focus on the tasks to be performed. In addition, standard cylinder protectors are available to provide maximum protection and minimize unnecessary downtime. Powered by a ViPPS hydraulic system that combines the flow of separate pumps to achieve the optimal combination in terms of speed, power and stability, the ViO17-1 guarantees smooth and simultaneous functioning of the working movements, even while walking.


The ViO17-1 is truly a “Zero Tail” machine; the front of the upper frame does not exceed the width of the pallets. Possibility to work in narrow areas where standard machines cannot work, Possibility to work along the bottom of the wall, Zero blind spot in the superstructure; 360 degree visibility, perfect harmony in urban projects, compact structure and working performance that do not prevent traffic flow.


YANMAR technology combines years of experience and unrivaled expertise to deliver environmentally friendly performance and high efficiency. The hydraulic system is equipped with a variable flow double piston pump, a gear pump and a directional multi-combination valve. YANMAR direct injection diesel engine; It is produced for clean gas emissions and high power outputs. With its improved fuel injection system, it meets the European Commission (EC) Stage II Emissions regulations.


Its perfect design offers ease of use and comfort. With its seat with seat belt, sensitive control levers, uncomplicated control panel, comfort and safety go hand in hand. Perfect location of control levers, armrests and levers. Luxurious adjustable head restraint operator seat (forward and backward adjustment, backrest tilt adjustment and weight adjustment).

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