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Yanmar VIO27-6

Zero Tail ViO27-6 mini excavator in YANMAR’s mini excavator product group is ideal for projects that require high performance in tight spaces with its compact structure. Thanks to its cabin and heating system, it offers the operator a more comfortable working opportunity.


The ViO27-6 is equipped with a hydraulic system consisting of a variable flow controlled piston pump (maximum flow rate 75 l/min) and a load signal and flow sharing distributor. Each section of the distributor has a pressure balance that provides flow proportional to the operator’s demand and the instantaneous flow available. When several movements require more instantaneous flow than is available together, each movement decreases at the same rate. In this way, the desired combination of movements is achieved.


ViO konseptinin mucidi Yanmar, Zero Tail Swing (Sıfır Kuyruk Dönüş) mini ekskavatörlerin geliştirilmesi konusunda eşsiz bir deneyime sahiptir. ViO27-6, üst şasenin güvenli bir şekilde dönebilmesini sağlayan gerçek bir mini ekskavatördür.


Neither the counterweight nor the front of the cabin and canopy may exceed the width of the pallets. Because it is designed not to exceed the front, the ViO27-6 has a very small turning radius.

  • More safety for both the operator and workers in the immediate vicinity: Pioneer in the Fields!
  • Dead field of view reduced to a minimum: optimum visibility throughout the machine!

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