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Yanmar VIO57-6A

Included in YANMAR’s midi excavator product line, VIO57-6A midi excavator is ideal for projects that require high performance in narrow spaces and particularly in urban areas thanks to its compact structure and its Yanmar 4TNV86 Turbo engine with the lowest fuel consumption in its class. It provides a more comfortable working area thanks to its spacious cab and heating and cooling system.


Yanmar, the inventor of the ViO concept, has unique experience in developing Zero Tail excavators. The latest version of Yanmar TNV engines: a direct injection turbocharged engine to improve performance, fuel consumption and emission levels, and developed in Japan from suppliers known for top quality production. The design and performance of the components are designed for heavy-duty conditions and long service life.


The extended undercarriage always provides excellent stability, especially front balance, as well as smooth movement even on rough terrain. The undercarriage retracts from 840mm to 680mm for extra maneuverability. A special feature is the reduced clearance between the sliding parts of the undercarriage extension mechanism, ensuring that no soil or debris can accumulate underneath. The extendable blade ensures easy and quick use while protecting all moving parts.


Putting the operator at the center at the beginning of the design, Yanmar developed the “Universal Design” concept, which focuses on ergonomics such as door handles, scaffolding guards, door locks and hood handles. Combined with the increased leg room, it allows for increased operator comfort and safety.

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