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Yanmar V100

V100, which is included in YANMAR’s mini wheel loader product group, is ideal for projects that require high performance with its compact structure. Standing out with its specially designed powerful boom, differential and gearbox, the V100 shows high performance under harsh operating conditions.


The V100 offers you superior productivity thanks to its durable and reliable construction. It provides advantages in matters that affect your operating and service costs such as easy maintenance, long service intervals and low fuel consumption.


With best-in-class component accessibility, operators can seamlessly perform daily checks from ground level. Large engine hood and opening panels facilitate related daily inspection and periodic maintenance.


Specially designed to increase your productivity at the construction site, the V100 takes your experience to the next level with its elegance and user-friendly cabin structure.
The cab provides exceptional 360° visibility of the work area, while the ergonomically designed control pedals, joysticks, buttons and LCD control panel provide maximum convenience and comfort. The fully adjustable suspension and armrest operator’s seat provides a healthy posture and comfortable working opportunity, while the powerful ventilation system helps you work more comfortably in a dusty environment.

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