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SUMITOMO is increasing Investment in the Region with TSM GLOBAL Turkey

One of the largest manufacturer of crawler hydraulic excavators originating in Japan Sumitomo Business Machines, the growth and investment partnership that began with the TSM GLOBAL business partner in Turkey has announced that it has decided to give greater impetus. Sumitomo Shinji President of the World Business Machines Turkey Shimomura and TSM GLOBAL senior executives who met at a meeting held in Istanbul Sumitomo Excavator to thank the users and TSM GLOBAL successful team in Turkey. Developments in the industry and future plans were discussed at the meeting and explanations were made about Turkey based regional growth.

”We want to make huge investments for which we rely on Turkey’s potential ”
Turkey in the last 3.5 years and 8 regional offices and nearly 40 large dealer network with the knowledge that their contribution to employment Shinji Shimomura said, ” We made a very substantial investment. Every year we have extended our share in Turkey excavator market ve We became the leader in our product range among the imported products.. We made a lot of progress in customer satisfaction and after-sales services. In addition to these investments, we will continue to increase our investments even further after 2018. Since we trust Turkey’s potential, we want to invest large areas and we want to support the development of the country in all major projects.”

Turkey is Very Important for Us in Terms of Geographically”
Referring to the importance of the geographical location of Turkey Shimomura added: “’ Turkey geographically is very important to us. Turkey  is a very important bridge connecting the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Since we know the importance of it, it means very important for us. We have no factory in Turkey, Europe and India. That’s why our plans for the future of Turkey’s importance is even greater for us every day.He added: “Given Turkey’s geographical importance and growing potential and strategic importance in terms of the conditions occur in the future we may consider production in Turkey.”

”We Invest Very Seriously In Technology ”
Underlining that they have invested very seriously in technological developments, Shimomura said, “In Japan, we have products that we produce and try on high-tech machines. We think that technology will be more effective every day in the construction equipment sector.”

Stating that they presented their new 6 series products to the Turkish users last year, Shimomura said, “ Our great advantage in this area, especially in fuel consumption, at the same time, the fact that the machine working efficiency is very high in the new series and the operators are comfortable to use and their efficiency has made us the leader in the excavator market. Shinji Shimomura pointed out the importance of this success and said, “In this success, the advantages of the new series of Sumitomo excavators to the user, as well as the self-sacrificing work of the TSM GLOBAL team and their capacity to provide 24/7 service have been effective.”

Award to TSM GLOBAL from Sumitomo
At the end of the meeting, Sumitomo Construction Equipment President Shinji Shimomura thanked TSM GLOBAL CEO and partner Taner Sönmezer and his team for their success and presented a plaque. TSM GLOBAL’s CEO Taner Sönmezer pointed to Turkey’s growing economy which is a rising star in the world market of Sumitomo excavators and thanked the TSM GLOBAL as saying they aimed to contribute to this growth.

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