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24 Hours Uninterrupted Working Warehouse with Hyster

One authorized regional offices Turkey distributor TSM GLOBAL’s across the country, built and mobile service network that provides 7/24 continuous professional service with American Hyster forklift and stacking machine of “Warehouse Solutions Department” officials of us, what are the main challenges in a warehouse for 24 hours continuously running and how they can be eliminated with the right equipment.

– The products that reach the warehouse must be quickly taken in and the trucks unloaded. How do Hyster products help with this?
Speed is extremely important, especially during the transfer from truck to truck.. Palletised goods need to be transported from trucks or trailers to the correct section of the warehouse or to other trucks as quickly and safely as possible.

Hyster has developed the RP2.0-2.5N Rider Forklift for intensive use such as unloading and loading trucks at pick-up and unloading points, and transferring loads from one transport vehicle to another. Combined with the Hyster’s defining features of safety and speed, this extremely safe new forklift is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to load and unload.

With a new seat design that allows the operator to sit or stand upright with the help of a single button, this product is more compact than a platform forklift and is ideal for dense warehouses with narrow spaces.

– You mentioned limited space, how Hyster helps the user to overcome this challenge?
Space is an important element for most warehouses and as a result, narrow corridors and shelves are created to the extent that the building height allows, in order to maximize the usable space.

The new Hyster RP2.0-2,5N forklift provides a very compact solution as it has an extremely narrow turning area of only 1118 mm, while maintaining robustness and long-term usability.  Hyster warehouse equipment offers options suitable for both intensive and intermittent use for different warehouse environments with models suitable for use in short and long distances.

Hyster has certain compact options that can be a good and precise solution for warehouses where space is really an issue. Pedestrian controlled 1.6-3.0 tons capacity P1.6 – 3.0 models are used for shorter distances.

For operations with limited space and high capacity requirements, Hyster offers a range of agile, compact electric forklifts.. For example, Hyster 5.5 ton J1.3-5.5XN-T Series Electric Forklifts are models with zero turning radius that provide excellent maneuverability. The operator can turn the truck where it is and make it work in narrow aisles of up to 3,053 mm. In addition, Hyster Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) stackers are suitable for working at high speeds for a long time by collecting and stacking pallets in narrower aisles, Hyster’s VNAs are a very special model with the ability to stack many pallets up to 17 meters in height.

– What is the difference between new products and other models on the market?
Working time is the most important factor in the material handling industry. Forklifts are especially used in sectors that require intensity such as the logistics and transportation sector, manufacturing sector, wholesalers and retailers. To be able to work hard at all times, they must be robust and at the same time economical. The latest and durable Hyster P1.6-2.2 pallet trucks are specifically designed for products that need to be transported over long distances and for intensive use.

Hyster forklifts are tested in extreme conditions and with over 200,000 cycles under full load. This corresponds to 450 million kilos in total. This value is quite a burden even for the busy warehouse sector.

Compared to previous models, productivity associated with handling products has increased by up to 25 percent. The special Intelligent Lift ™ option allows operators to lift and move a pallet with a smooth and easy movement, this saves up to 45 minutes in 8-hour shifts, this is especially important when meeting extremely tight deadlines.

– Which equipment is the best to use for lifting operations?
Forklifts form the basis of warehouse equipment fleets and are the most important tools for the storage of goods, stacking and high speed transport of pallets. Maximum reliability and operator productivity are critical for trucks to optimize pallet transport volume.

The new Hyster R1.4-2.5 Reach-trucks are designed to lift loads up to 12.75 meters with a lifting speed of 0.8 meters per second. The vehicle which is easily controlled and provides superior maneuverability in corridors, optimizes driver performance. It saves time with its less detailed features. For example, the Camera, Height Selector and gauge as well as the laser visual positioning system make it easier for the operator to position the forks at different heights.

– Time is of the essence for picking operations and can be quite tiring for the operator, how does Hyster solve this?
Picking speed and stacker reliability are extremely important for transporting products before targeted picking times. With easy to use controls, the Hyster Lo2.0-2.5 low level order picker is designed to improve specific picking performance. In this way, it ensures that products and loads are placed at the appropriate height for operation with maximum machine reliability.

Hyster Lo2.0-2.5’s smart design, combining ergonomics, energy efficiency and reliability, ensures low operating costs with excellent picking times. The wide platform provides the operator with more space with easy start / stop access, while speed control allows the operator to reach the next pickup point without getting on the vehicle. However, in order to save time, it is an important feature that the ‘product-human’ distance is appropriate and requires minimum movement.

– How operations managers choose the right equipment to meet application specific needs?
To support the correct decision-making process when selecting material handling equipment, the Hyster warehouse simulation software can calculate the volume by taking into account in-warehouse traffic problems and configure the most efficient layout for operation. We can help determine the right type and number of forklifts with simulation support to cope with seasonal demands.

In addition, the Hyster® Tracker wireless Access Monitoring System is designed to boost productivity. This system can be used to monitor important performance data and reports by monitoring the performance and usage of warehouse equipment with wireless monitoring technology.

Hyster equipment, which plays an important role in the daily warehouse planning, is supported by a network of carefully selected local distributor partners around the world.

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