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AMMANN Training Program Completed

In the training program held at the Ammann road and asphalt roller factory, detailed information was given about the products, and the participants also had the opportunity to use the machines in the test area.

Officials from TSM Global sales, service and spare parts departments attended the training program held at the roller factory of Ammann, the world’s leading road and asphalt roller brand, in Czechia. Within the scope of the two-day training program, Ammann’s new models were introduced, the changing engine technology and the unique features of the products were experienced by the participants. The participants, who closely examined Ammann product groups with their high impact power, solid chassis, incredible high engine efficiency and many more features, tested the machines in the test field.

The eARX 26-2 patch roller, the first member of the E Mission product group, introduced by Ammann at the Bauma Fair held in Germany in October this year, attracted great attention from the participants. Breaking new ground in the world, Ammann once again showed its difference with its success in presenting the technology of the future today. The product, which was a first, received great acclaim.

Participants also had the opportunity to closely see Ammann’s brand new product groups in line with the new engine regulation in our country and examine the changes in all models from asphalt to soil, from vans to patch rollers. Ammann quality and technology received full marks from the participants with its low fuel consumption, high impact power, large tank capacity, large compression surface, special cabin that prevents vibration, compact structure and many other features.

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