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Fuchs, Handling Industry Specialist In Turkey With Power Of TSM GLOBAL

125 years of German material handling FUCHS master, Turkey and surrounding countries since April 2017 TSM GLOBAL chose the company as the sole authorized distributor. The most important preference point in TSM GLOBAL and FUCHS business partnership, which officially started with the signature ceremony held in the past days, was the service and spare parts logistics network established based on the widespread and uninterrupted after-sales service understanding of TSM GLOBAL.

FUCHS, which has become a legend in the world, is known for its durability.

FUCHS company, which continues its activities today as a subsidiary of Terex, was founded in Germany in 1888 and the first material handling (high and deep loading-unloading-stacking and feeding) machines came to mind almost everywhere from ports to open areas.

In high unloading and stowing works, especially scrap metal materials and bulk cargo (grain-coal-clinker, etc.) in ports must be transferred very quickly and absolutely without interruption from one point to another or from one vehicle to another. These processes require very serious stresses on the machine as they require deepening, reaching out, pulling and high stacking, depending on the place and materials. For this reason, unlike standard construction excavators, the machines that will do these works must have a much more special design and a more durable structure. Otherwise, the costs of the downtime due to malfunction are very high.

The founders and engineers of FUCHS saw this need, designed the machines they produced by developing patented features and started to produce an extremely high quality. By the 1950s, the FUCHS brand had become the world’s most famous handling and stacking excavator.

In the 1970s, FUCHS engineers developed and patented the operator cabin, which, after lengthy research and development, could rise hydraulically and also move forward. Thanks to this cabin, the operator could climb to the desired height and reach forwards and see the loading-unloading place much better

As FUCHS continues to develop its products, it has taken care to use completely specific and self-designed structures instead of using a standard excavator (excavator) undercarriage or top turret rotationAs a result, the name FUCHS has become a legend and has become one of the first preferred brands in all port enterprises, wood industry, scrap handling and industrial facilities.

Both all-electric as well as low-emission diesel engine options with a very serious energy savings with FUCHS handling machines, in increasing investment in port in Turkey, ships loading and unloading of timber and wood industry investment in recycling of scrap materials and increased urban renewal work every day will contribute to the economy of our country with its economic solutions. FUCHS will also provide great support to the development of the sector, especially in port applications and in our country, which is one of the world’s largest scrap importers and processors

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