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HYSTER Introduced Its Wide Product Line at WIN Eurasia Fair

Hyster, the world’s leading forklift, stacker and port equipment brand under the roof of TSM GLOBAL, attracted great attention with its product line exhibited at WIN Eurasia 2022 Fair.

Hyster brought its wide product line and advanced technology together with the visitors with its stand in the 7th Hall of the WIN Eurasia Fair, which was held at the Istanbul Expo Center between 08-11 June. Electric pallet trucks and stacking machines, which are the needs of Hyster’s many business lines and work areas such as factories, facilities, warehouses, markets, especially the logistics sector, took place at the fair. Standing out with its low energy consumption, advanced safety equipment, excellent operator comfort and ease of driving, high capacity and speed, Hyster warehouse equipment stood out with its low investment and operating costs compared to its competitors. In addition to Hyster’s R1.4 reach truck series, which is highly appreciated in the industry, P1.6 and P2.5S Biga rider- and pedestrian-controlled electric pallet trucks and S1.6 series stackers were also exhibited at the fair.

Hyster, which has a wide selection of electric forklifts in its product range, exhibited J2.0XN, J3.0XN and J5.5XN series four-wheeled electric forklift models as well as J1.6XNT series three-wheel forklifts at the fair.

The H3.0FT and H5.5FT models were also exhibited at the stand, where the 9-ton H9.0FT model of the FT series, which raises the bar in Hyster’s diesel forklift standards, was exhibited. Another diesel model of Hyster, the H3.0UT series, was one of the diesel forklifts exhibited at the fair.

During the fair, where a strong and widespread service network came together, information was given on the services offered to customers, innovations in products, after-sales services and other issues, while visitors had the opportunity to closely examine the machines. TSM GLOBAL’s stand, which attracted great attention, received full marks from the visitors with its product variety and solution-oriented services.

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