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Kalkavan Strengthens Its Fleet With SUMITOMO

Kalkavan Port Services, one of Turkey’s leading loading and unloading companies, again preferred Sumitomo excavators in its new investments. A total of seven SH210LC-6 excavators were delivered, one of which was the Iskenderun port.

Kalkavan Port Services, which provides services to companies such as Çolakoğlu, Limak, Arkas, and Mardaş in ports, has rejuvenated its machinery fleet with 7 Sumitomo SH210LC-6 model excavators, which it has recently purchased. Company General Manager Burçin Koçyiğit stated that Sumitomo excavators work with high performance in very difficult conditions and they are satisfied with their quality and said, “The after-sales service quality offered by TSM Global has been a very advantageous and right choice for us. Very durable machines according to Turkish conditions. Machines with no parts or service problems. They are durable and robust machines that work with high efficiency”.

Kenan Karakelle, Kalkavan Port Services Field Operations Manager, stated that the machines are lowered into the ship with cranes and work with abrasive materials in closed environments and underlined that Sumitomos are their first choice with their technology, high efficiency engine, strong chassis and performance. Karakelle said, “Like 112, our works are also very urgent. Ship demorages and freights are very high. We need to work with sufficient equipment, quality equipment in order to grow these jobs very quickly. For this reason, we have preferred Sumitomo since 2013.”

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