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Karmak İnşaat Strengthened Its Machinery Park with SUMITOMO

Karmak İnşaat, one of the important construction companies of the Aegean Region, has strengthened its machinery park for mines and construction projects with Sumitomo SH490LHD-6 excavators.

Karmak Construction, which operates as the main contractor or subcontractor/subcontractor in various mines and construction projects, added strength to its strength with the SH490LHD-6 series heavy-duty excavators included in its latest machinery park. Stating that they chose a machine suitable for the challenging conditions of the projects they are carrying out, Erdoğan Karaman expressed that they trust the power and technology of Sumitomo excavators. Noting that the solutions that businesses need are becoming more and more diversified, Karaman stated that they are also pleased with the services and advantages offered by TSM Global at this point. “We bought our machines with the PBA package. Thus, we will have the maintenance of our machines done on time and by expert hands, and we will have a more economical solution.” Erdoğan Karaman also underlined that they have no doubts that they will produce with high efficiency in the sodium feldspar field where they are working in the upcoming period.

Sumitomo’s SH490LHD-6 series, which contributes to the production capacity of the enterprises with its high speed, low fuel consumption, superior breaking power and high bucket capacity, allows to work without stopping in the enterprises, especially with its long maintenance intervals and strong after-sales services. Sumitomo excavators, which reduce the cost per ton with their high cycle speed, offer the opportunity to work with high efficiency in difficult construction site and quarry conditions with their heavy-duty type structure.

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