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Metal Coils are Transported by HYSTER in Swedish Ports

Reliability, visibility, fleet management and parts supply are just some of the benefits Hyster forklifts and ReachStackers bring to the Port of Oxelösunds to support the demanding metal coil handling requirements.

Oxelösund Harbor is located 100 km south of Stockholm, Sweden. At the port, which operates with a team of approximately 200 employees, operations rely on bulk goods for oceangoing ships, among other packaged shipping solutions.

The metal coils arrive at the port by train from Borlänge and are unloaded using a crane. Coils are stocked ready to be transported by forklifts. When a ship enters port for loading, port operators transport metal coils to port cranes that load coils onto ships.

This combination of work has led the Port of Oxelösund to choose a fleet of Hyster forklifts for its demanding operations.

“Reliable and powerful machines,” said port production engineer Christian Vallin, “Hyster has solutions on how to solve any problem. Like spare parts supply. It’s a total solution that appeals to us,” he said.

“Before choosing the new fleet, the Port of Oxelösund created a list of requirements for the vehicles. The operators also had a say throughout, with the opportunity to express how they wanted the vehicle to behave and what equipment the new forklifts should have,” said Erik Pogrebnjak. Erik Pogrebnjak; He noted that the sales representative of Hyster authorized dealer Nordisk Truck-Trans AB visited the site many times and provided feedback to help forklifts meet the port’s specific requirements.

After all these negotiations and on-site determinations, Oxelösund Port decided to purchase two Hyster H32XM012 forklifts and RS46-36CH ReachStacker and one 20 tons capacity H20XM-9 Hyster forklift. Reliable and powerful equipment and their suitability for difficult port conditions were the reasons for this selection.

“Before ordering the forklifts, the customer had the chance to see the forklifts and ReachStackers in action at other Hyster customer sites and with Hyster dealers,” said Dmitry Dubrovsky, Hyster Big Truck Manager. Dmitry Dubrovsky. “They also had the opportunity to visit the Hyster factory in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, to test the forklifts and make sure they made the right decision for their specific application needs,” he said

Optimizing Operator Sight
Oxelösund Port uses large machinery and operates with large metal loads, meaning that the operator’s forward and backward vision may be impaired.
Hyster helped by installing high cameras positioned both above and below the fork stand, as well as cameras in the rear of the heavy-duty forklifts. Operators have found that this helps them see the dock while driving.

The comments of the operators at the port about the machines were as follows: “What I like about the Hyster forklifts is their soft turns, the braking system that is not needed very much but very safe. I don’t feel neck pain or anything like that when I get off the machine. They are ergonomic and quiet.”

Hyster Tracker Provides Control
A key part of the new fleet delivered is the Hyster Tracker wireless management system. Besides the wide range of fleet management advantages, this system gave the Port of Oxelösund the opportunity to limit operators. Thus, only those authorized by the company can use a forklift during working hours.

Since the delivery of the forklifts, Hyster has conducted fieldwork with the customer to further adjust and adapt the forklifts to the specific business needs of the Port of Oxelösund.

“Overall we are very pleased with the deal and the way it went from start to finish and our relationship with Hyster has grown further,” said Christian Vallin, production engineer at Port of Oxelösund. “I would definitely recommend others to use Hyster,” said Christian Vallin.

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