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New UT Series From Hyster

New UT series forklift developed by the world’s leading forklift brand Hyster, contributes easy and economical operation of warehouses, workshops, and factories which are particularly in need of daily loading, unloading, and stacking processes. Standing out with its powerful and economical design, Hyster UT series forklifts offer smooth, economical, and safe operation with Japanese Yanmar engine and powershift transmission. All sales and after-sales services are provided by TSM Global, Turkey Distributor of Hyster and UT series has diesel forklift models between the range of 2-3,5 tons in H2.0UT, H2.5UT, H3.0UT, and H3.5UT models.

Simple and Robust Design
Hyster UT series which draws attention with its exact requirements-driven design presents a long-lasting and powerful machine by combining its simple design with robust and powerful components. Operating with high performance in harsh conditions, the Hyster UT series provides perfect speed and performance, which is needed in indoor, outdoor, and in different business lines of work seamlessly. Thanks to mast layout and special design providing a wide viewing angle, Hyster UT allows fast and safe operation opportunities to the operator. UT series, which allows the operator to control the elevator effortlessly with its easy-accessible control arms draws attention with other details such as a horn handle for reverse maneuver, adjustable armrest.

Comfort and Safety Standard
Special design UT series forklift draws a different line from its competitors with its perfect structure for the operator’s comfortable and safe operation. Operator platforms of Hyster UT forklifts give confidence with its high strength glassed steel top operator guard, which does not prevent the top fork view. The operator works comfortably and safely, thanks to a special safety belt and suspension, leather seat with adjustable armrest of Hyster UT series. Thanks to ergonomically positioned pedals, the operator can sit with wide legroom without getting stuck. Besides, the operator may determine the steering wheel position with an adjustable steering wheel.

In the Hyster UT series, the operator platform can be easily climbed through a wide and non-slip step, while the removable rubber on the platform provides safety with its non-slip structure and provides easy cleaning.

Hyster UT series forklift catches attention with its 3,5 inch LCD screen and adds comfort to the operator’s comfort with the details in its simple design such as easily accessed hand brake, USB charge outlet, adjustable mirrors, and clearance lambs.

Efficient and Economic Engine
Engine and drivetrain of Hyster UT series which draw attention with its special design, are original Japan and provide high durability, long operation lifespan, and ease of use with low cost. Powershift transmission meets your needs without sacrificing performance while the Yanmar engine draws attention with its engine performance.

Low Service and Maintenance Cost
By using its design in the UT series with the widest product range worldwide, Hyster provides comfort to the users, particularly in service. Service access can easily be made in the engine compartment with a special sound, heat insulation, and all carefully placed components. Thanks to the quality and simplicity of the engine and hydraulic components of UT series forklifts, it provides fast and easy service. Reducing the operating expenses with its low service cost, Hyster UT series forklifts shorten maintenance and service terms with the high availability of low-cost spare parts. Hyster UT series, which stands out with its special exhaust protection, powerful cooling system, low noise level, and environment-friendly design, can be easily intervened thanks to its components that do not require a computer-based identification system.

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