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Do you work in very challenging compaction sites? Then, you may benefit from using an Ammann add-on compactor. Add-ons attached to the excavators use the reaching advantage of excavators to compact hard to reach areas such as deep and narrow ditches, and especially steep land. These add-ons may provide more power than walk behind compactors.


Working in extremely demanding compaction sites? Then it may be time to use an Ammann Attachment Compactor. Attachments to excavators take advantage of the reach of excavators to compact hard-to-reach places such as deep and narrow trenches, and particularly steep terrain. These can provide more power than walking compactors.


It provides a large discharge height and therefore a fast working opportunity. Supports compaction on slopes, APA continues compaction where other machines begin to slip. It provides fast switching between buckets and compactors with quick coupling solutions.


Hose protection, robust machine quality for long service life. Maintenance-free machine. It offers safe working conditions with ductwork that does not contain emission problems and danger of falling.

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