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Included in AMMANN’s single drum soil rollers product line, ASC250D draws attention thanks to its award-winning new design and compact construction. Provides excellent compaction thanks to its high impact power, balanced structure, high traction power and slope climbing capacity. Equipped with a high efficiency engine, and offering low fuel consumption and a robust construction, ASC250D soil rollers may provide more compaction with lesser number of passing turns.

Fewer passes and a more productive

Compression requires reaching your goals with the lowest possible number of passes. Ammann soil and asphalt compactors provide the productivity needed with industry-leading technology and the ability to direct power away from the machine to the target. The result: better quality results with fewer passes and a more productive and profitable job site.


Ammann offers a variety of cylinder models. Thus, the different weights and sizes of the rollers help you to be successful everywhere, from tight spaces to large job sites. Easy-to-adjust amplitude and frequency give your personnel versatility.


Ammann rollers have been developed to provide comfort to operators, helping to increase productivity over long shifts. This attention to design helps operators of all experience levels perform well.

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