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SH130-7 series excavators are the new generation excavators preferred in many different projects, especially in urban infrastructure works and construction projects.

Designed by SUMITOMO engineers, a world brand in crawler excavator production, to operate with high efficiency and performance in the most challenging conditions, SH130-7 excavators are your solution partner on the construction site with its powerful and environmentally friendly engine with low fuel consumption. Thanks to the excellent design of SH130-7 excavators, operators work with high efficiency. Making a difference with its high capacity and speed, SH130-7 series excavators show high performance on difficult grounds with its durable walking system. SH130-7 series excavators, which attract attention with their large bucket capacity, breakout power and speed, are much more advantageous than their competitors with their low operating costs.

New Generation Engine and Performance

SUMITOMO SH130-7 excavators are now even more powerful, efficient and environmentally friendly with the Space 5 Alpha engine and a completely renewed system. The new 7 series excavators have low fuel consumption and protect the environment with incredibly low emissions. SUMITOMO SH130-7 excavators have both DPD filter system and SRC filter system. The DPD system, which includes a ceramic filter, increases engine efficiency, while the SRC system virtually eliminates emissions through chemical reaction. Since the system is designed for sustainable operation and high efficiency, it offers many advantages such as self-cleaning, long maintenance interval and long supply interval.

Intelligent Hydraulic System

Incredibly high efficiency and performance are at your fingertips with the SHIS Alpha Intelligent Hydraulic System on SUMITOMO SH130-7 excavators. With this newly developed hydraulic system, your machine provides your variable power needs with maximum efficiency. With the new electronic control, the hydraulic system offers you the highest performance according to your operating mode setting.

Spool Stroke Control (SSC), Boom Down Energy Saving (BES), Automatic Energy Saving (AES), Pump Transition Reduction (PTR), Idle Shut Down and Auto Idle features, which were available in the previous series of SUMITOMO excavators and developed exclusively for SUMITOMO, have been further developed in the new 7 series and their efficiency has been increased.

In addition to these features, the excavator’s efficiency has been further increased with features such as the new Special Control Valve, Electronic Control System, Arm Down Energy Saving. The progressive design and robust structure of the SHIS Alpha Intelligent Hydraulic System, developed specifically for SUMITOMO excavators, has permanently solved all the requests of users regarding pump performance and efficiency.


Thanks to its perfect balance, the SUMITOMO excavator keeps its footing firmly on the ground while increasing operational safety. Combining high capacity with incredible speed, SUMITOMO excavators perform well on difficult ground with their long-lasting traveling system.

SUMITOMO excavators, which increase the amount of work per unit time with their high breakout power and bucket capacity, are designed for tough conditions with their heavy-duty arm-boom structure.

SUMITOMO SH130-7 Paletli Ekskavatör
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Long service intervals and robust and durable original components reduce your maintenance costs. In addition to low operating costs, SUMITOMO excavators increase your production volume with high performance, capacity and speed. Your costs per ton decrease and your profitability increases in your projects. SUMITOMO excavators increase operator efficiency thanks to their comfortable and safe cab, minimizing the risks of accidents that may cause high costs for the operator.


With its extensive service network, SUMITOMO excavators are with you wherever your construction site is located. SUMITOMO excavators, which have low operating costs thanks to their long maintenance intervals, minimize your downtime with an easy and low-cost periodic maintenance process. SUMITOMO excavators, where operators can perform daily maintenance and inspections from ground level, also increase replenishment time intervals with their large storage capacity.

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