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ASTRA HD9 84.45

ASTRA HD9 series heavy-duty trucks offer the right solution that mines are looking for, with their naturally designed off-road, incredibly strong chassis, robust, long-lasting and durable equipment such as axles, brakes and hydraulic systems, and a perfectly efficient engine.

ASTRA, a world brand in the production of heavy-duty off-road trucks, reduces your costs per ton with its 8×4 HD9 84.45 model, designed to operate with high efficiency and performance in the most challenging conditions, and its powerful and efficient engine offering a high torque curve. Thanks to the excellent design of HD9 84.45 heavy-duty trucks, drivers work with high efficiency and confidence. HD9 84.45 series off-road heavy duty trucks, which make a difference with their high carrying capacity, show high performance on difficult surfaces with their durable axle and chassis.


When using the ASTRA CURSOR 13 LT HI SCR engine, this system is without EGR and meets EURO 6 E norm only with the SCR system. This extends engine life. However, ASTRA models do not require the process called “Active Regeneration”, which is required to remove the soot (particles) accumulated in the DPF filter.


ASTRA has a legendary chassis structure. The unit called Chassis Torsional Resistance (RBM-Rail Bending Moment) is 202,000 Nm for standard vehicles and the chassis thickness is 10 mm.

The distance between the chassis side main beam is 82 cm and the beams do not narrow towards the engine block in any way, and this feature both increases the stability with the vehicle’s superstructure and provides ease of superstructure assembly.

ASTRA HD9 84.45 series heavy-duty trucks combine 8×4 traction power with a solid chassis structure, allowing you to work with high performance on the most challenging surfaces. All axles are equipped with anti-roll stabilizer bars and reinforced front and rear axle structures. ASTRA HD9 series offers trouble-free and high performance with different brand and type transmission options.


ASTRA HD9 84.45 heavy-duty trucks, whose design puts the driver at the center, offer the perfect comfort and safety you need in harsh working conditions.

The driver’s cabin, with its wide viewing angle, is designed so that the driver can best see the road and environmental conditions. Wide mirrors and a rear view camera reduce the risk of accidents while maneuvering. ASTRA HD9 does not tire the driver thanks to its soft steering wheel and easily accessible control and instrument panel. Its washable cabin is not affected by dust in harsh conditions.


ASTRA heavy-duty off-road trucks reduce fuel consumption on your construction site with their incredibly efficient engine and low fuel consumption. It reduces your maintenance costs with its long service interval and robust and durable original components. ASTRA heavy-duty off-road trucks increase your production amount with high performance and capacity as well as low operating costs. Your costs per ton decrease and your profitability increases in your projects. ASTRA heavy-duty off-road trucks increase driver efficiency thanks to their comfortable and safe cabin and minimize the risk of accidents that may cause high costs for the driver.


ASTRA heavy-duty off-road trucks are with you, wherever your construction site is, with TSM GLOBAL’s extensive service network. ASTRA, which has low operating costs thanks to its long maintenance intervals, minimizes your downtime with its easy and low-cost periodic maintenance process.

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